Midnight Music: Crooked Colours – Capricious (PACES Remix) [Tropical Trap]

Crooked Colours - Capricious (Paces Remix)Is this what happens when tropical, trap & indie dance hang out? If so, I’m a fan. This track from Aussie artist Paces, is both bouncey & massive at the same time. The crooning coming in from Crooked Colours create a wistful, but energetic vibe. It’s effervescent enough that you’d be forgiven if you didn’t listen to the lyrics and missed out on the sadface topics entirely. The drop reminds us that trap can be massive without being abrasive. The steel drum remains throughout, anchoring the track in sunshine, even while the lyrics aren’t exactly positive. Great effort by PACES & can’t wait to see where they go next with this sound. (via Stoney Roads)


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