Midnight Music: Savant – 1997 [Trance] (Free Download!)

Savant - 1997Savant is exactly that. A musical font, issuing forth dozens of tracks over a relatively short period, we last visited his amazingness almost 1 year ago, when he killed the opening set for Astrix & Infected Mushroom. This track that I think he did as a joke, but it’s freaking incredible. Like, this is classic trance almost to a point. The 9min track has an ominous sample and a proper multi-minute build. With stabby synths that pluck at all the right heart strings, it seems as if he just stumbled upon a hit. To be frank, it’s one of the best vintage non-anthem trance tracks I’ve heard in years, and I don’t think he meant for it to be as dope as it as. Cause it is. Super dope. This needs as much exposure as possible, if for no reason other than hearing a Savant track on ASOT 😀 Tell your friends, and get down to the crazy hypnotic beat.


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