Attend: Verboten & DiSORIENT Drop The New Year’s Afterparty

Instead of being like every other website and giving a scroll-fest/listicle about the clusterfuck that is New Year’s Eve, I’m only going to make one recommendation about what you should be doing on January 1st so get Tickets here. And it only applies if you’re still standing the next day. Verboten, the Great Bulwark Against EDM in Brooklyn is continuing the insanity from their New Year’s Eve event with some further quality. The all day drinking & brunch will be soundtracked by maestros Damian Lazarus, Hector & a posse of support. This party is going until 10 PM January 1st, so even if you sleep all New Year’s Eve, you’ll be rested for this, which isn’t the worst idea. Our friends at Talon&Claw will also be showcasing their finest, but a NYD whiteowljaguar set isn’t even the best part. They’re going to be closing out the main room (!!) but wait, there’s more! DiSORIENT, the premier Burning Man camp here in Gotham, is taking over their second room.

This sets a very interesting precedent, one I hope will be copied all over the place.  The idea that a burner camp/crowd will control a space inside of a permitted/retail venue is something that’s only happened a couple of times. The couple of times, are always the stuff of legend. Most L-train venues have to stay focused on making rent, generating revenue through door & bar and keeping the cops, community boards and people who moved to Brooklyn expecting quiet off their backs. This means that it’s hard to really cater to the high-art crowd that Burning Man draws. Which shifts crowd demographics ever so slightly. A small difference, but to some people that’s all that matters. This alliance will ensure that there are wacky people in Pornj costumes and a crazy side room, as opposed to just residents, vendors and a more relaxed bar. Additionally, they’re bringing their own squizzad of DJs, so you can be assured DiSORIENT’s singular take on “house + something else” issues forth all day, so really, Tickets here. Speaking of which, how dope is the music in both rooms? Check this stuff out, and know that there are half a dozen DJs I’m not even mentioning, because, you need to get there to hear it all:

When I heard Verboten flew Damian Lazarus out from LA for this, I knew this was no joke. His scintillating style of upbeat but understated tech house will definitely keep you grooving, as it did for two and a half hours on the Robot Heart Bus @ BM in 2011. Hector is coming out all the way from Germany to keep that sophisticated sound going, and I’ve added a THUMP mix of his to give you an idea of how the main room will throb once this gets going.

Marc Faenger is a surprisingly good support, and I’m definitely liking his energetic, almost jazzy approach to the genre. I’ve crushed on them so much here, there isn’t much else I can say about whiteowljaguar, except that I’ll be looking forward to the two of them doing a proper WOJ set. With both of their solo careers burgeoning, I’ve found myself running into one or the other at events, so this is a great opportunity to fall in love with them both all over again.

DiSORIENT’s coterie of Pornj-flavored win is going to be quite delightful, and it’s locally grown, just like Brooklyn would want it to be. Amo Dissonant is going to be a special treat, continuing the “almost too cool for you, but it’s ok, come dance” vibe (Is that a vibe yet?) that the best places are known for. Mary Yuzovskaya is a local wonder who is very quickly getting attention from the right crowds. Her tech house & minimal tech chops are not to be underestimated and this should a dope set given Verboten’s systems & acoustics. This is going to be one for the record books folks, and if you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of me eating/drinking/cavorting around if I’m still standing after whatever stupendous shenanigans I get into the night before. Get some more info at Resident Advisor, and once again, get the Tickets here.


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