Midnight Music: Flunk – Lost Causes (Rashid Ajami Remix)

Rashid AjamiRashid Ajami is one of these names I would never have come across without Stoney Roads. This mellow, melancholy re-work of Lost Causes by Flunk is fantastic, though it’s not exactly the most euphoric. The slow pace matches the soft, soulful vocals from Flunk, and the result is a song made of feels. This kind of stuff may not get festival main-stage play, but it’s a decidedly necessary part of the music spectrum. Especially in the world where many genres seem to have gone content-free while slapping a smiley face on stuff, Ajami is keeping it real. This is good for a gray day or a contemplative mood. Get at this London/NY based producer who is definitely coming up in 2015.


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