Midnight Music: Boxplot – Escape With The Clouds [Liquid Drum & Bass]

I really do have to give it up to Liquicity. They are one of the only places besides Hospital Records on the internet to get consistently dope beats of the liquid variety. I had no idea that there was a liquid DJ in Boston! This means I’m looking into booking things toute suite. This kind of track is exactly the sound that the scene needs. The cool intensity of the back beat rumbling along with the potent, but not abrasive low end is damn near perfect. The vocals put some sexy frosting on the top of the tune, and you’ve got a neat 6:41 of fun. BoxPlot you say?! I’m into it. I love the feeling when you find a new artist and have an entire new Soundcloud to go through. Is that the equivalent of binge Netflixing?


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