Midnight Music: Misun – Eli Eli (Maduk Remix) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

If it seems like I post every new track from Liquicity, it’s because I totally do. Maduk floats towards the harder end of the spectrum, which just gives it more to love according to a lot of my drum & bass fans out there. Even though it’s harder, it’s still liquid, it’s still that smooth vibe you’ve come to expect from the Northern European D&B. The push is exactly what it needs to be and it drives on with a surprising amount of low end. I think you’ve gotta give it up for Maduk on this, as he’s been one of the champions of Liquicity, stewarding the liquid sound for years now.

Midnight Music: Cartoon – Made Me Feel (ft. Kristel Aaslaid) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

To celebrate getting through Monday, here’s some of that boom bap tish that will put a smile on your face. Kristel Aaslaid lays down some sultry and funky vocals over some uptempo liquid which does work. The music video for this is my favorite genre of YouTube video” Humans being Awesome on planet Earth.” The stunt videos, juxtaposed with crazy good HD drone footage from around the world makes for a thrill ride that’s almost softened by the music. The footage, done by Team Blacksheep, deserves as much kudos as the track. The artist hails from Tallinn, so remind me to get out to some parties in Eastern Europe. The tune is out May 18th, but you can listen to the whole track here. I am probably just going to keep posting the hotness Liquicity drops, because it’s all stupendous. Just FYI. Put this track on as you’re powering down tonight. Monday is over, the hard part has passed.

Midnight Music: Flite – Dive [Liquid Drum & Bass]

Liquid so good you’ll slap yo mama. When Strife II said Flite was one of his heroes, this is why. This kind of stuff would probably reduce aggravated assault rates if we played it on public transportation. If you’ve got a dope bass system engaged while listening to this, you’d appreciate that it’s as gentle of a stone massage as you can get from the genre. This isn’t done by accident, so appreciate how perfect his choices are. And don’t forget to give it up to Liquicity for giving Flite the stage he deserves.

Midnight Music: Boxplot – Escape With The Clouds [Liquid Drum & Bass]

I really do have to give it up to Liquicity. They are one of the only places besides Hospital Records on the internet to get consistently dope beats of the liquid variety. I had no idea that there was a liquid DJ in Boston! This means I’m looking into booking things toute suite. This kind of track is exactly the sound that the scene needs. The cool intensity of the back beat rumbling along with the potent, but not abrasive low end is damn near perfect. The vocals put some sexy frosting on the top of the tune, and you’ve got a neat 6:41 of fun. BoxPlot you say?! I’m into it. I love the feeling when you find a new artist and have an entire new Soundcloud to go through. Is that the equivalent of binge Netflixing?

Midnight Music: Hybrid Minds – Summer Rain [Liquid]

Hybrid Minds does wonderful, wonderful things when it comes to drum & bass. They consistently kill it in the liquid space, in a triumphant, symphonic way over and over. This track is no exception. The meditative kick drums & the bassline melt into the vocals that shine through the darkness. Summer Rain is another proof that Liquid can be bursting with feels as it were. It’s hard to describe how different this sounds comparable to what most people think of in their heads when you say “drum & bass” and I think that’s to the genre’s detriment. This is the stuff that people should be introducing the genre to their friends using, maybe saving the gas mask & camouflage hoodie music for a little later in their listening career. If you want to patronize the Hybrid Minds soundcloud instead of the Liquicity YouTube, that’s below as well. I’m all into this track, and since it’s from 2012, this officially counts as throwback thursday. Happy Turkey Day y’all, groove in your gluttony to this 😀

Midnight Music: Rameses B – Transcend [Elvish Drum & Bass]

Rameses B is one of the most talented producer I’ve ever seen actually succeed at IndieGogo. The Galaxy of Dreams 2 compilation by Liquicity is incredible, and there’s a tremendous amount of sick new Drum & Bass that I’ll be covering in the coming days & weeks. But tonight, sit back, relax and vibe on one of the most delicious liquid tracks you’ve ever heard. He builds sonic worlds and then invites you to lay on the grass. This is some excellent stuff, so don’t sleep on it or the compilation it’s on.


Midnight Music: Keeno’s Remix Of Love Letter By Champion

Keeno’s burst out of the gate here in 2014 with a new remix and it’s exactly what you need in your liquid D&B world. Keeno’s December feature on Hospital Records was featured here a while back. He’s back on Liquicity’s new Escapism compilation that’s out on the 17th. Man, a Liquicity & Hospital party would be dope.