Earworm Of The Month: Si Genaro – When The Last Bird Flies – CLSM Remix [Massive Drum & Bass]

This has been on repeat since I found it at the beginning of March. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever heard a drum & bass track with this kind of lead time & warning-less drop before. CLSM has been in the scene for a minute now, but I couldn’t recognize the original track or the vocalist. This Si Genaro remix is exquisite and deserves to be nominated for the “Best Amen Break Usage” award. Hey Drum & Bass Awards, if that’s not one yet, get on the stick. It doesn’t seem like it’ll be worth giving it the time that it needs to get where it’s going, but trust me on this one. If there’s any song you need to get to the halfway point on, it’s this one. Especially if you got a flat tire, found out your girl is cheating, or your boss asked you to come in this weekend. Drum & Bass Rising.  


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