Midnight Music: Ayesha Adamo – Midnight Elite (Harder Remix)

Ayesha Adamo – Midnight Elite (Harder Remix)

You don’t hear this kind of sound too often outside of Who’s Afraid Of 138 & BlkMarket Membership events. This ethereal, almost psychedelic remix of Ayesha Adamo‘s new single Midnight Elite. This is a totally indie, underground producer here in Brooklyn who spent some time in China before triumphantly returning. I’ve had the privilege of booking her to perform a couple of times where she’s repeatedly a crowd favorite. You know you’ve made the right decision when dozens of people ask for her booking information 15min into the set. She managed to tape this video herself, showing that in today’s economy, you have to wear a thousand different hats. Getting back to the tune, the production value is solid, as is the heavy, drawn out remix ambiance. If you’re into it, check out the whole remix package on Beatport. And, because she’s so dope, here’s a DJ mix she did for Winter Music Conference a couple of months back, giving you another facet of her competence. Enjoy!


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