Midnight Music: Ayesha Adamo – Midnight Elite (Harder Remix)

Ayesha Adamo – Midnight Elite (Harder Remix)

You don’t hear this kind of sound too often outside of Who’s Afraid Of 138 & BlkMarket Membership events. This ethereal, almost psychedelic remix of Ayesha Adamo‘s new single Midnight Elite. This is a totally indie, underground producer here in Brooklyn who spent some time in China before triumphantly returning. I’ve had the privilege of booking her to perform a couple of times where she’s repeatedly a crowd favorite. You know you’ve made the right decision when dozens of people ask for her booking information 15min into the set. She managed to tape this video herself, showing that in today’s economy, you have to wear a thousand different hats. Getting back to the tune, the production value is solid, as is the heavy, drawn out remix ambiance. If you’re into it, check out the whole remix package on Beatport. And, because she’s so dope, here’s a DJ mix she did for Winter Music Conference a couple of months back, giving you another facet of her competence. Enjoy!

Two All-Lady DJ Parties Coming At You!

I’m delighted to report I was recently invited to two separate events in the next two weeks that feature an actual all-female line up. I try not to hawk individual parties because I want to provide commentary about the scene generally with minimal selection, but I think this is an exception that I need to make. It’s rare to find events that aren’t just a cavalcade of white guys behind decks, and a night with entirely female DJ line-ups are about as rare as a unicorn that doesn’t have issues. First up is an event going down in Brooklyn featuring Hometown Fire stars REsy & Dopeshoes. This bodes extremely well for the event, as both of these ladies have serious talent and skill. I’ve linked some relevant soundcloud mixes below so, put it into your face. Tickets can be gotten at the door and it’ll be cash only at an undisclosed location in BK. It’s going to be an interesting night and probably going to have some local flair you can’t find anywhere else. Event info is here so check on it.

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DJ Ayesha Adamo Drops EDM-Related Knowledge


For many of our electronica-related neophytes, the sheer volume of genres is mind-boggling. Whether you’ve spent years hitting up parties or if this is your first weekend out of doors, it’s easy to have no idea what you’re listening to. Thankfully, there are amazingly talented DJs who are here to help. Ayesha Adamo is a multi-talented beat Goddess who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times in the past and has been cleverly picked up by Alternet to create a run-down of the 11 most popular genres that are happening right now. House, Techno, Breaks, Dubstep, Nu Disco/Indie Dance, Electro (House), Prog House, Trance, Tech House, Trip-Hop & Witch House. I’m not sure the last one should be on the list but I’ll give it to her because she knows her shit.

Check it out, and the next time some fool is all “zomg wut r dubstepz?” you can just forward them this and get back to listening to your psy-trap-core compilations. Check out more of her cool stuff right here:

(Image property of Ayesha Adamo)