Midnight Music: Alex Clare – War Rages On (Etherwood Remix) [Drum & Bass For The Struggle]

Alex Clare - War Rages On (Etherwood Remix)For everyone who spent the day marching, or arguing on the internet about the tenor of MLK’s message. For everyone grinding or who had to work on one of the days when the markets are closed. This is a track I must’ve missed last year, because it’s straight fire. Alex Clare provides some of the best vocal work he’s done since Not Giving In For Rudimental. The liquid feels are impressive with this one, and this smooths along for the entirety of the track, without letting up. This is some of the smoothest d&b out there, so of course it’s from the young master himself Etherwood. Let this tune soothe your tired body peaceful warriors. Even if the only thing you fight for is a better tomorrow for yourself.

12 Tracks you Missed in 2012

So, instead of jerking around with the words best or top, I’ve decided to collect 12 pretty excellent tracks that meant something to me in 2012. Quality tunes I’m not sure got out into the greater internets but definitely deserved to, and Soundcloud gave me access to all of them. So, here they are, in no particular order.

Pacific Air – Float (TheFatRat Remix)

This is what I hope all pop music sounds like eventually. I’ll just leave it at that. TheFatRat is what I hope all of Z100 sounds like by 2014.

Flux Pavilion feat. Example – Daydreamer

Example is one of the artists that my general adoration for all things Flux Pavillion has led me to. A fantastic vocalist that links up with all of the right bass-related minds across the pond, this collab with Flux is a cadanced march of awesome. The triumphant wobble of Flux with the strongly accented & attituded vocals makes for a righteously good time,  amplified by the excellent drum work throughout, especially two minutes in when it explodes into further sweetness.

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Earworm of the Month – “Not Giving In” ft. John Newman & Alex Clare

What can I say about this tune? That it’s been my theme song for the last month?  That it’s one of the best drum & bass-infused tracks I’ve heard in a long time? Or that the video communicates not only the knowledge of the roots of Drum & Bass (namely Hip Hop), but also speaks to an even deeper understanding of why hip hop was created, as a way for urban youth to rise up out of the streets through dedication of mind and body.

“Not Giving In” features a 10 year old breakdancing prodigy from Manilla, where the video is shot. This guy, whoever he is, is going to have a long and sick-ass career busting moves, getting paid to run around LA and generally being a ridiculous b-boy. The video traces the story of him and his older brother, who wanders into the world of gangs, drugs and violence on the streets of the Filipino capital city. I usually don’t have a lot of faith that music videos and the songs they’re shot to go with have anything to do with each other, especially these days. And when it is done, it’s portrayed as some epic “story-song” narrative that’s disrupting the music world by existing.

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