DJ Ayesha Adamo Drops EDM-Related Knowledge

For many of our electronica-related neophytes, the sheer volume of genres is mind-boggling. Whether you’ve spent years hitting up parties or if this is your first weekend out of doors, it’s easy to have no idea what you’re listening to. Thankfully, there are amazingly talented DJs who are here to help. Ayesha Adamo is a multi-talented beat Goddess who I’ve had the pleasure of working with a few times in the past and has been cleverly picked up by Alternet to create a run-down of the 11 most popular genres that are happening right now. House, Techno, Breaks, Dubstep, Nu Disco/Indie Dance, Electro (House), Prog House, Trance, Tech House, Trip-Hop & Witch House. I’m not sure the last one should be on the list but I’ll give it to her because she knows her shit.

Check it out, and the next time some fool is all “zomg wut r dubstepz?” you can just forward them this and get back to listening to your psy-trap-core compilations. Check out more of her cool stuff right here:
(Image property of Ayesha Adamo)