Twice Baked Tom Waits: Mashups with Cookie Monster & Aphex Twin

The mind reels. Eskmo with this needs a thousand upvotes or whatever their preferred internet point currency is. Is BitCoin safe again yet? Because both this remix & the one below are fantastic examples of what Tom Waits can be combined with. Cookie Monster really could tour in the place of Mr. Waits, the first video has convinced me. The Aphex Twin mashup is fantastic, dropping Computer Control into some of Tom Waits more unnerving vocal work. Eskmo’s got an album coming out, so put that into your face as well, but before you do, make sure this gets played for your more jumpy friends. And if you know someone who actually knows Mr. Waits, make sure he knows about this stuff too.

Amazing Metal Cover Of Aphex Twin’s “Popcorn Song”

Charlie Parra del Riego needs to get hired to some crazy awesome band in the next 5 minutes. Anyone who can play Aphex Twin on a guitar deserves my attention. He also asks (in Spanish) “Don’t forget to post your comment, suggestions or insults in the comments section.” That’s badass. Great job and can’t wait to hear more from this Peruvian wonder. (via Laughing Squid)