Chadd Smith Proves White People Can Totally Dance

Alright, this guy‘s got a point. When you jump out of a pink Delorean (rental contact available here, don’t worry LA/Hollywood people, I got you) and drop a solid 4:20 of dance moves, cracking jokes on yourself & actually make it work, you’ve got my vote. Chadd pushes out a surprisingly competent set of moves, which I was totally into. Especially with the retro vibe he’s got going here, he’s actually taking an old joke & making it both new and amusing. Which, is legit. I hope this got him a crapton of work, and if you’re in need of dancing talent and you’re in Hollywood these days, hit him up.

Fik Shun Isn’t Real. (Amazing Performance @ World Of Dance!)

Can we get this dude in something? Are there any more breakdance movies coming out? Can there be an entire one of liquid, popping/locking, b-boying and everything else associated with EDM? I might actually go see that thing, as opposed to the miasma of hip hop vs. ballet & tap vs. contemporary gang war stuff. (via Metafilter)