So, Mexican Supermarkets Have High Energy Dancing Cow Mascots

So, this was the first video I saw on this that pulled me in. How the hell do you keep this level of energy up? But wait, it gets better.
This Alpura mascot seems to be better than any Football mascot or half of the people that I see out at the club. But just in case you thought one of these things was enough, there’s more. Apparently this is a team between the mascot and and announcer, as this video proves. But, apparently, this is a national thing, as there’s footage of dozens of these mascots in one place rocking out to this stuff.
You’re welcome. Your Tuesday has nothing on la vache qui danse.

Steve James Returns To Indie. Rejoice & Be Glad.

Smallpools - Karaoke (Steve James Remix)So, the progressive wonder Steve James has once again decided to go the Indie route and we are all the better for it. Pulling down a fun little tune called Karaoke by Smallpools, he puts his signature, yet evolving style on it. The infectious beat combines with some excellent re-working of the vocals to make this just as anthemic as we need right now in gray January. Apparently this tune was started in my city, so you know it’s got a bright future. I’m gonna keep saying it. This is what you’d expect to hear halfway between the indie & dance stages at Governor’s Ball. Like, if you stood in the exact right spot. The break at 3:40 is everything that post-big-room can be. Can’t wait for people to complain of how tired they are of this sound. (via the always on point Michelle Chu of EDMTunes)

Fik Shun Isn’t Real. (Amazing Performance @ World Of Dance!)

Can we get this dude in something? Are there any more breakdance movies coming out? Can there be an entire one of liquid, popping/locking, b-boying and everything else associated with EDM? I might actually go see that thing, as opposed to the miasma of hip hop vs. ballet & tap vs. contemporary gang war stuff. (via Metafilter)

Midnight Music: The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive [Vintage Dance!]

This is one of my favorite classic tracks of all time. The Crystal Method is more important to American dance music than most realize. This track, the theme to an acclaimed NBC Law & Order style show called Third Watch is everything good about classic¬†dance music. If you hear this and don’t get transported to around a decade or two ago, listen again. You won’t regret it. Catch The Crystal Method at Escape Festival this Oct (More info here). I saw them back in 2011 at Identity Fest, and you bet your ass they put on a great show. Gotta school the younglings somehow.

Japan May Repeal Ban On All-Night Parties

As I’ve mentioned before, Japan does not like you moving your body rhythmically. Apparently, that might be changing though, as a sub-committee has agreed those laws may need to be relaxed. Some people who have posted this story over the last week have pointed to the upcoming World Cup games in Tokyo, and the need to modernize and attract more tourists. As the world definitely likes to dance, especially on holiday, they may need to change. While this re-categorization of dance music nightspots could do wonders for the Japanese music/DJ scene, this is only a recommendation, which still needs to be presented and accepted by the government. Fingers crossed my Nippon-based brothers.¬†(article via FACT, image via VICE)

Yanis Marshall, The Guy That Can Dance In Heels Better Than You.

My girl Dopeshoes put this into my face over the weekend and I really could not be more pleased by it. Yanis Marshall & friends make a great video about dance & Thought Catalog did a great interview with him to be consumed here. I think this is a fabulous time to be pushing LBGT equality, with midterms approaching and the death of Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps, the air is ripe for change. Yes, change includes men dancing in heels on the street in Paris, we’ve come a long way from Madonna’s “Sex.”

Jezebel Surprises With Momentary Relevance To The EDM Community.

In a quick “listicle” style, Jezebel rattled off a surprisingly accurate list of the 5 people you see at every show. They used the word concert because they’re old, but this list could apply perfectly to any dance party or DJ performance/festival you’ve been to in the last 6 months. Where the hell is that weed coming from, and why did you spend $120 on getting in here if you’re going to play Candy Crush Saga for half the guy’s set? (via Old Timey Hedgehog)