Midnight Music: TastyTreat – Up Late ft. Father Dude [Future Bass/Chill Trap]

TastyTreat - Up late ft. Father Dude
This Hebinomichi compilation must be crazy, if this is what it sounds like. This stellar duo from Cali, TastyTreat collabs with Father Dude (a Gothamite) to push out a shimmering future bass track, steeped in chill trap elements. The playful chord progressions, stuttering bass and soulful call out vocals do a great job of solidifying the non-rave ground that some of the newer funky/indie tunes have been trying to capture. This is a new world and we’ve got R&B vocals hanging out with trap beats, running into some fun little irregular low end. Stuff people never thought of pushing together even a few years ago (hipsters I know, your favorite group was doing this in a basement in 2009, I know), and it’s slowly showing up in a selection of places around the globe. Can’t wait to see how this vibe injects itself into the Western Hemisphere festival scene, especially outside of Mad Decent parties. (via Stoney Roads)

We Didn’t Start The Fire. Annotated & Explained.

So, you know how the song has like a billion nouns in it? Now you can get an explanation of every single one of them. Right here. This is one of the most educational posts on the internet. Hey kids, want to know what was important in the era of your parents growing up? Essentially all of these things. So, if you want to know where they’re coming from, you can get it all right here. (via Never, Never)

DJ Shadow Returns With A Footwork-Infused Remix of Supersister’s Dona Nobis Pacem.

Just in case you missed it, DJ Shadow showed back up as of late. Beatport dropped the news & shortly after, a new full track appeared on DJ Shadow’s Soundcloud. While the guy has a list of musical accomplishments longer than most people’s gig history, he’s still challenging himself. Namely, after kicking a Machinedrum track around for fun & profit, he’s returned with a confusingly good rework of a track released approximately 40 years ago. Supersister, a Dutch prog group, released “Dona Nobis Pacem.” Apparently Shadow had met the keyboardist in the group in 2010, and had been a fan of his work for some time. Gotta appreciate the retro futuristic sound. Maybe that Mansion promoter was right. This stuff is too future, and it’s a free download. I’m into it. You?