Midnight Music: Culture Shock, Shockingly Good D&B From London!

Someone get this kid a fire extinguisher, because he’s going to ignite any minute. Annie Mac dropped a track of his & thankfully, ANDY C reposted it. This is a fantastic, truly massive sound coming out of Culture Shock, and I attached not one, but two of his remixes from his Soundcloud below. If you’re into Drum & Bass, especially the stuff coming out of Netsky, ANDY C, Metrik & what Mistajam dropped on his show, you really need to put this into your face. This is the kind of drum & bass that scares people in the suburbs if it wants to, but can be smooth as silk when it needs to. Every time this kind of stuff makes it over to Gotham, I bust ass to see it, and you should too. Check out the other tracks below and show some love.

Midnight Music: Yasmine Hamdan – Samar

Tonight, I’m bringing you the first Midnight Music track in a language other than English. Yasmine Hamdan has been getting a lot of attention with her album “Ya Nass,” with a First Listen on NPR. Check out the segment linked to get a sense of her work, and check out one of the other tracks from the album below. Her words may not be easily identified as, but the emotion is obvious. You’re going to hear a lot more of her here, I can guarantee that.