Wisdom From deadmau5 (Illustration By DashMagic6)

This really is true. deadmau5 may seem like a hater, but he’s as big a fan of authenticity as anyone out there, and I’ll always give big ups for that. This great little motivational piece from DashMagic6 on Deviant art is amazing and this guy’s work totally deserves your attention. Keep at it y’all.


I Miss Classic deadmau5.

In case you missed it, deadmau5 mentioned someone who let a half-baked old school melody of his drip out onto YouTube. This is one of those tracks that made you fall in love with Joel. The ebb and flow of the synth is irrepressible. A track like this reminds us of what Strobe & I Remember used to do when they hit sets across North America. This is a reminder of an earlier time, one where Big Room wasn’t the unassailable behemoth it is, and Martin Garrix was still in…elementary school? Put this track in your face and let it bring you back to a less ADHD world, i.e. one where Joel isn’t stressed. It’s a great one, and one I’d love to see more often. (via EDMTunes)