Music Connects People.

I don’t often post content from Tumblr, because WP breaks the long line of heart/note chains that make for epic Tumblr sharing among the younglings. This caught my eye though. Share more things, listen to more music together. Sing, dance, laugh, shine on your crazy diamonds. (Via Higgins, originally from Zonixx)

Belgian Federal Asylum Center “phonecard” Party! Global Vibes From Brussels!

This is really cool. There was this party in Brussels at a (wait for it) federal asylum for people seeking refuge in Belgium. For serious. Syrians, Afghanis, Palestinians, Albanians, Senegalese and more all jammed out on music from their phone. I think this is probably one of the most authentic non-Western parties I’ve ever come in contact with, and I’m delighted this mix is available for people to listen to. There’s a crazy amount of good shit on this mix, and the idea that people all over the world were playing their version of party music for the crowd, who was then understanding, respectful & danced to it, makes me feel like there’s some good in the world. I know some of us need to know that exists these days. You can thank Higgins, because without people like him, there wouldn’t be. (via P.O.E.)

Happy Halloween Bushwick! Frapa Mata Wants To Say Hello!

My boy Mr. Timberwolf (Compton if you’ve earned it) collabed on this minor joint recently. It’s funny because, I wanted to give him a shout out, seeing him surrounded by other talent. Sometimes you can watch a video and see who the linchpin of the sound is, and in this case he is it. There’s an almost sizzurpy flow coming off of him and the irregular gait of the rhymes combine with the rest of the video to make it just creepy enough to be appropriate for October. It’s a great effort from these two, and while I’m not sure I want to hang out with the dude that keeps asking for a blunt (he seems like he’d be a liability at parties), Timberwolf is definitely someone I’m going to be keeping and eye on. All you hip hop heads out in Colonial Williamsburg (yes, I’m gonna keep calling Bushwick that, deal with it) need to get up on this. He’s got an album out there called Jazz & Thuggery Vol. 1 that’s a premonition of things to come. Ballad of Anubis has crazy flow, and HPSTR may need to be the anthem for Brooklyn for a little while.

Michael Jackson, Beatboxing & Singing His Compositions, Part By Part.

The link above contains Michael Jackson singing & beatboxing the multiple layers & harmony of Beat It. Because, when you hear it in your mind the way he did, you can create it the way he does. Explaining the lines and really understanding where each sound needs to go is something I always welcome. Not much to say besides hit that up & enjoy your weekend.

Glitch Mob Goes Under The Hood

The Glitch Mob’s new album is out and it’s fabulous. I’m still listening to it daily and am so glad they opened up their studio & production stuff to this interview. There’s a stupid amount of nerditry and music-related geek out here, most of it above my weight class, but I know all you synth & plug-in junkies lust after this stuff, so take it away Tumblr! Also, put the album into your face Here!