Midnight Music: Haven – The Truth Is, I Love You [Dream Bass]

Haven - The Truth Is, I Love You

Haven – The Truth Is, I Love You

Haven is blowing me away. This track got picked up by Insight Music, this splendid little chillstep, downtempo, ambient, future garage & bass label out of the UK I follow. Their monthly compilations are a dreamy mix of up & coming underground artists always has something interesting. This one made me stop what I was doing and pay attention. The massive low end & heart-wrenching vocals scream for this to be played live on a significant system to give it the sternum-vibrating live experience we all know it can deliver. I really want to hear more from this guy. Haven is from Stockholm, which is apparently where Dream Bass is made of. This is a cloud of emotion being vibrated by a subwoofer. It understands you, doesn’t judge, and may cry with you if you start. This is a track I want to make a music video or a party concept around. See someone walk through a crazy, dreamy party experience with this in the background, or a chill space with this kind of aural & visual aesthetic. What do you say? Would you come? Apparently he works in NYC, so I kind of want to hire them to spin an afterparty now.

Midnight Music: St▲rs ▲re De▲d – Where Is My Mind

This takes the cake for most inventive Pixies remix ever. This chillwave/melodic remix of the track is almost not there. If you ever needed a Sunday morning comedown or hangover track, it’s right here. The airyness & ethereal backing is so perfect I feel like I might just be imagining half of it. The pianos feel like they’re being strained through a chemical fog, but still strongly evoke the best parts of the original Pixies track. This is a masterful reworking by Berlin native John Laudani. I hope The Pixies hear this. Possibly when they’re in the spa or something. Because this is everything a remix should be. Totally different, but still worthy of the original.

EP Of The Week: Voyager By Minnesota [Dream Bass] Free Download!

One of my first review gigs was Minnesota at Brooklyn Bowl (check it here if you like text), so I’ve been watching his ascent through the ranks of selectros for years now with much delight. Not only did he kill it opening up for Shpongle (When you’re awesome, you find yourself at Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado), but he’s obliterating Webster Hall with Koan Sound on May 23rd. The new EP is lush & gorgeous, like a forest made of bass. Voyager, Golden Era & Sail Away are personal favorites. They’re excellent examples of what can be done with a good understanding of what new bass music should sound like, especially when you’re trying to showcase a unique sound and ensure you don’t get pigeonholed into a genre. Put all 6 tracks in your face and hit up the comments with your favorite. It’s out & it’s Free on his Facebook page. Hit that up, because that’s a no-bullshit sextet of quality tracks into your face. What else do you want?