Mix Of The Week: Nu:Tone’s FABRIC Mix!

Nu:Tone is the most underrated Hospital Records selectro. This producer has created great tunes and he’s got a new album coming out, so he’s started to make the rounds getting word out. Thankfully Fabric picked him up for this, and we’ve got a wonderful half hour of funky d&b from him. The mix is quality start to finish, with some particularly delightful bits between the 12 & 20 minute marks. Great thing to put on while driving, pregaming or just jamming out cleaning the house. The Billon – Special remix he ends the mix out with, is not only one of his own originals, it freaking rocks. Check out the tunes and get ready for the album, Future History. I’m going to try and get my hands on it ASAP to figure out which tracks are going to get added to my daily listening Hospital playlist. I know Metaphor 6000 is already on it. If you don’t believe me, check out a preview of it below. It’s a taut, punchy d&b track that deserves your attention, and if this is the tip of the spear on the album? I’m in for a good time.

London Clubs Stand Against Sexual Harassment


I think this is one of the most important things that’s happening in any city these days, and I am so glad it is. The biggest clubs in London, including Fabric & Ministry of Sound hare united in fighting sexual harassment & assault within their walls. The global Hollaback network is asking dance music venues to take a “zero tolerance attitude to harassment & send a message to patrons that bad behaviour won’t go unchallenged” (via FACT Mag)

I think this is a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the critical mass of dance music bloggery & the impact some DJs can have when it comes to changing the culture. I would love to see NYC clubs do this as well. If even a tiny percentage of top name DJs refused to perform at events if there wasn’t a zero-tolerance policy against aggressive behavior & unwanted attention, this could snowball very quickly. Tell a friend.