London Clubs Stand Against Sexual Harassment


I think this is one of the most important things that’s happening in any city these days, and I am so glad it is. The biggest clubs in London, including Fabric & Ministry of Sound hare united in fighting sexual harassment & assault within their walls. The global Hollaback network is asking dance music venues to take a “zero tolerance attitude to harassment & send a message to patrons that bad behaviour won’t go unchallenged” (via FACT Mag)

I think this is a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the critical mass of dance music bloggery & the impact some DJs can have when it comes to changing the culture. I would love to see NYC clubs do this as well. If even a tiny percentage of top name DJs refused to perform at events if there wasn’t a zero-tolerance policy against aggressive behavior & unwanted attention, this could snowball very quickly. Tell a friend.

Ministry of Sound Saved! Happy Christmas Everyone!

Just in case you needed some good news for the holidays, the Ministry of Sound is happy to oblige. On December 19th, the Mayor of London intervened and apparently a deal has been worked out to allow the Ministry of Sound to remain open even while the surroundings are under development. The world banded together to #saveourclub and it seems to have worked. Celebrate, you did something internets! (via Ministry of Sound)