Midnight Music: Marilyn Manson – This Is The New Shit (REZZ Remix)

Marilyn Manson - This Is The New Shit (REZZ Remix)Welp, this blew me away. She’s 19, hails from Niagara Falls and has put out the best Marilyn Manson remix I’ve ever heard. Producers take note, if you want to do something harder than big room, this is how you approach it. There’s a smooth confidence to the bass & back-beat surrounding the original tune which is sorely needed if you’re covering this kind of treacherous ground. Her mastery of the source material makes me think she’s spent a lot of time with it, which I’ve gotta give respect for. The bass & remix smell very strongly of Nine Inch Nails & Trent’s more electronic moods, and it definitely needs to get show play & DJ support. This track makes me excited for what REZZ can do, she is on my watch list for 2015. Keep em coming girl. Also, get a gothy, industrial bass mix out there for me to rock out to at the gym. (via EDMTunes)

Commodore 64 Synth Board Available For Free!


Just in case you had nothing to do today, here’s a free recreation of the original Commodore 64 synthesizer sounds & buttons. You can also rock it offline as well through the Chrome Web Store. So, once again, bringing home the goods to my Gothamites.

Midnight Music: Free New Hotness From MitiS

MitiS has been blogged about here repeatedly, and I hope continues to maintain the level of quality that earns me geeking out over him as hard as I do. The melodic, lush, chill, but still driving Drum & Bass that we all crave. I’d say more, but it’s a free download & MitiS, so put it into your face if you’re awake 😀