Monday Music: Seven Lions, Jazzinuf & Keeno, What So Not, GRMM & MUTO


In case you hadn’t heard, it’s Monday, so here’s the Music! New hotness from Seven Lions & Keeno, chilled vibes from Jazzinuf, liquid D&B from Keeno and two surprises from down under, so let’s get into it!

Seven Lions is back! He brought it back to his roots, with this trancey, dubby delight for ASOT 755. This remix of Illenium ft. Joni Fatora is exactly what made Seven Lions one of my favorite emerging artists in 2013. Thise
Old school representation with this chilled out funky gem is Jazzinuf. I stumbled on this artist on a sprawling playlist that someone put together years ago. I don’t know who you are Kev Ken Shibayama, but blessing to you for this 443 song playlist.

Coming at you with a full hour of liquid drum & bass delights, Charlie Tee featured Keeno, one of the superstars of Med School Records. Cinematic, Symphonic, liquid gold is what he’s bringing you. No stupid MCs, no dubstep, just perfect fast slow & funky vocal work when there’s even words at all. Glide away on it.

What So Not came out of nowhere on this one. Innerbloom, the well-received single by RUFUS has earned its share of remixes, but I can’t say I expected the Flume compatriot to be anywhere near this. The re-work has a bit of that Aussie Chill Trap feel to it. Spacey instrumentals, stuttering bass, and a dollop of syncopation gives the tune a decidedly off-kilter feel. Great work from What So Not as usual, and can’t wait to see this style of production sink into LA & NYC so peeps like Louis The Child & others can get better bookings/more ticket sales.

Last but not least, a stunner from GRMM & MUTO on Of Leisure. This forward-looking electronica label from Sydney is launching a new compilation called Game Set, Match Vol 1: An Of Leisure, and using this single to promote it. A leisurely stroll it is, but produced correctly, to whet my appetite & peak my interest when it comes to this new label. New tracks coming soon & you can sign up for a free DL here if you’re so moved.

Midweek Music: A-Trak, GRMM, Mt. Eden, Liem & Stephen

You know the score, another week, another quintet of tunes. A nice mix of new hotness from a bunch of different places, so turn on, tune in and vibe out.

A-Trak is one of the last remaining DJ Jedi in this time of crisis. His Fool’s Gold label continues to be a bastion of quality and his Duck Sauce side project with Armand Van Helden brings funky joy to the world. This tune with Jamie Lidell fuses his impeccable timing with vintage funk and euphoric vocals. It gets better with each listen, you’ll see.
GRMM has consistently impressed me with his post-EDM sensibilities. He joins up with Father Dude, a featured vocalist I’m seeing around more and more each month. They come together to create a dope little Future track that perfectly captures what things can sound like when you really get out of the box. The rest of the Die Young EP, that this track is on, isn’t bad either, so don’t miss it.
This Spooky Black remix by Mt. Eden is a symphonic bout of melancholy we all have around this time of year. The Soulful Trap vibe that radiates from this track gives us all a wistful look at the changing of the seasons, thinking too much about things long past. It’s further proof that Mt. Eden continue to be a source for inspiration & inventive production work, years after their original remix EP swept the globe.
Liem came out of nowhere with this UK Garage tune that you could just put on and leave on. It’s a soothing club track that fits perfectly into a surprising amount of sets I’ve heard recently. I don’t know who this Liem is, but they sure can mix.

A vocalist known only as Stephen pushed out this interesting mix between euphoria & indietronica. There’s a chill in it to match the Fall air and a little bit of that “Lean On” feel that’s been infecting a number of tracks lately. Enjoy it and everything else you’ve heard today!

Midweek Music: White Boys, MitiS, GRMM, Lookas, KSHMR & Vaski

These Irish guys said they’d let me know when their new single was out and they came through. This is a funky, indie flavored track that really makes me want to go to the party this was filmed at. Excellent effort by White Boys, and I can’t wait to see where they go with this sound. Here’s to hoping they invite me to the next party. I’ll show up. Even if it’s in Dublin. That kind of scene is totally worth a hop across the pond for.

GRMM is an Australian stunner on Hegemon records. This future tune took me by surprise. It almost shimmers as it smooths along the avenue. Travolta Cool is such a clever title for a relaxed track like this. Now I’ll be following this dude around the internet like the weird, creepy sonic stalker I am.

MitiS is a force of nature. I don’t care if you’ve followed him for years like I have, or if this is the first time you’ve heard one of his tunes. His signature fusion of electro, progressive, trance & chillout make him an act to remember. I interviewed him way back when. Who knows if he even remembers now that he’s a big star. If you don’t know why, put Forever into your face.

This Song Is Sick debuted a stupendous chillstep track this weekend. KSHMR & Vaski collab with Francisca Hall for a lovely, edgy dubstep track that keeps it taut. This one is some new hotness that should be getting a lot of attention this week already.

 Lookas keeps things real, and I’m so glad to hear some originals from this guy after a string of dope remixes. This kind of anthem trap that gives you hope for the future and doesn’t remind me of white guys with dreadlocks at all. When it could be performed live with a drum line you know it’s dope.