Midnight Music: Hostage – Bully [Vintage House]

This is a wonderful surprise. Nite Records got in touch with me about this dope little joint. Hostage busts into my universe with a soulful, almost 90’s house vibe that got my attention immediately. The feel is one you’d expect at a trendy but tiny bar downtown near Ludlow or Delancey. 100 seconds in, you’ve got this seriously classic piano riff that house DJs need to study. The pacing is exactly where it needs to be, so this can & should go into any self-respecting uptempo house DJ’s USB stick ASAP. Seems to be a good transition & one when fashionably dressed people start sauntering across your dance floor. It’s part of their history and is infused in so much of a house dancer’s muscle memory. At least, if you were an East Coast house head that is. Can’t generalize too much. But it’s a great part of this two-piece from Nite Records, so get at both Hostage & the label.


EP of the Week – Generous by Hostage

Origami Sound is fast becoming one of my favorite indie labels. Their choices are incredible and different in ways I’m only starting to appreciate.

A four-track joint, the EP is done by a Scotsman (allegedly) called Hostage. His take on lush, deep house is a surprising but welcome one. The tracks are groovy and possess an almost liquid quality. There’s a smoothness to them that evokes well dressed people in expensive neighborhoods looking cool while searching for meaning. Zephyrus starts out with this deep, round sound and keeps reminding me of a special kind of party. The one you’re not quite sure how you ended up or why you’re there, but you end up staying a while because it’s just a bit more chill than you expected, so there’s no need to rush.

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