Midnight Music: Major Lazer x Dj Snake ft. Mo – Lean On (Kamil Remix)

Major Lazer x DJ Snake ft. MO - Lean On (Kamil Remix)Kamil from Azerbaijan continues to earn my respect from thousands of miles away. His jovial, hopeful outlook has given him success in remixing a lot of tracks where others fail. I’m now going to specifically wait for Kamil remixes when new dope anthems get dropped, because I know that there’s going to be some fun, funky remix coming. Something not too serious, that wears colors other than black & you can dance to. This is a strong competitor for the best DJ Snake mix I’ve ever heard, so if diplo, Major Lazer, DJ Snake or Mo want to discover this guy and get him on a Mad Decent tour that would be excellent. Get at the rest of his tracks, especially the stupendous Disclosure remix.   

Nile Rodgers Picked Up The Martinez Brothers For New Track. Funky Is An Understatement.

I’m a little late on this so please forgive me. I can’t stress how much mastery there is in this collaboration. Nile Rodgers is one of the greatest living guitarists of many generations. If you don’t think so, that’s adorable. The Martinez Brothers are stunningly good at what they do, and anyone who has seen them at a dank warehouse party in Brooklyn with a bunch of Europeans wearing sunglasses inside, can vouch for how stupendous they are. I did not see this collab coming, but fucking hell thanks for doing it. I could meander in dulcet tones about the composition or the harmonies, but really, stop what you’re reading and hit play. It’s Wednesday, the weekend is almost here, and with it, beats that sound like this.

Midnight Music: Hostage – Bully [Vintage House]

This is a wonderful surprise. Nite Records got in touch with me about this dope little joint. Hostage busts into my universe with a soulful, almost 90’s house vibe that got my attention immediately. The feel is one you’d expect at a trendy but tiny bar downtown near Ludlow or Delancey. 100 seconds in, you’ve got this seriously classic piano riff that house DJs need to study. The pacing is exactly where it needs to be, so this can & should go into any self-respecting uptempo house DJ’s USB stick ASAP. Seems to be a good transition & one when fashionably dressed people start sauntering across your dance floor. It’s part of their history and is infused in so much of a house dancer’s muscle memory. At least, if you were an East Coast house head that is. Can’t generalize too much. But it’s a great part of this two-piece from Nite Records, so get at both Hostage & the label.


Midnight Music: Funkerman – Coming Home [Funky House]

Funkerman - Coming Home (Original Mix)This continues the good feelings for Midnight Music this week, with the V-man himself reminding me that funky house is far from dead. This track by Funkerman is already ancient in EDM blog time, but I wanted to make sure it got some love here, as he’s been blowing up quickly. And deservedly so, with the talent & foresight required to bring this track into the world. The funky house starts up and doesn’t quit, as the classic sample echoes through the track. It’s a glorious return to a sound I haven’t heard in too long. If 2015 brings back the world of funky deep house, I’d be a very happy man indeed. Check it out and don’t forget to give FNT some love for the pick up a month ago.

Midnight Music: Bondax ft. Ayah Marar – Dust Funk [Funky House]

This is a match made in UK heaven. Bondax got my girl Ayah Marar to lead this new, sophisticated, funky sexy house track they’ve got out on their new Mix Album. While Ayah usually gets into some ravier, drum & bassier sounds, she’s still a Triple A vocalist that makes the back end Bondax comes through with wurk. For real girl, this is one of those “walk confidently in potent heels” kind of tracks that you associate with good looking people working/drinking/living in high rise buildings that have fancy floor to ceiling windows. It doesn’t get too crazy and the vocals stay where they need to stay, while an almost whipping around you like wind downtown. Dust Funk is a cool song that I hope to hear at cool parties. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: Sakima – Energy (Courage Remix) [Deep UK Funky House]

This one caught me by surprise. 3min in, ethereal power ballad build, with notes of Disclosure & funky garage-styled vibes. The break keeps you on your toes and should be in the armamentarium (totally a real word!) of any Brooklyn DJ who is spinning irregular house these days. It’s Monday at midnight, the hardest part of the week is over. Just think about all those Halloween parties bearing down on you. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Midnight Music: Raffael De Luca – Groove Radio Mix [Funky House]

Tonight, hit up this 30min of deep, groovy, funky & potent disco house mix from Raffael De Luca. If you don’t know him and you live in NYC, get over to Le Souk downtown and get an evening of grooves into your face. While it’s only 30min, there are remixes here I’ve never heard, in addition to seemless mixing and a serious level of awareness when it comes to the music that’s come before. It’s important to know your history and Raffael definitely does.