Monday Music: Greyhat, Ghostchant, Mickey Kojak, SBTRKT & Bobina

Freeman KittyThe last Monday in March will be celebrated with Morgan Freeman, a black cat & 5 of the most legit things I heard last week!

Greyhat coming at you from Maine, with some soothing, almost vaporwave chillout. I say almost because there’s an indie punch to the track that’s much appreciated. It’s got a Blockheads classic psychedelic rock feel to it. Never too overpowering, but most certainly guitar-focused and liquid. Speaking of liquid, it pulls into a breaking, almost d&b tempo, before melting back into this lush indietronica that deserves roaring congratulations. It feels like driving through one of those rainbow 80’s videogame .gifs.

Ghostchant is one of my favorite UK artists. His fusion of garage, ambient, downtempo, trap & ethereal beats is second to none, and this kind of remix needs to keep coming. Pulling even more echo & melancholy into The Weeknd, this six minute rework is a giant made of clouds. So much work went into creating the atmosphere that The Weeknd’s vocals soar through, I hope he sees in. Ghostchant is one of the best producers in the game, and totally needs to do some work for huge pop artists. Bieber remix next perhaps?

I mentioned Mickey Kojak a little while ago, and when I said I’d keep my eye on him, I meant it. This one is hard to classify but makes me happy, a track that gives me hope for the future. Forward looking, while almost paying homage to Disclosure, this funky house track hits all the right notes. On point vocals, a surprisingly round & well produced bassline, decidedly non-tropical sounding pad work, and melancholy come together wonderfully. As it fades away, I’m left wondering, just like the last time I wrote about him, what’s coming next from this guy.
 Hadn’t anticipated new SBTRKT, but it’s always welcome. THE-DREAM shows up to provide some euphoric hip hop fusion with potent indie bass. It’s a frenetic, tense build, but that makes the drop/chorus even more gratifying. Well put together, with all of the elements playing their position, as it were. The auto-tune is minimal if used at all, and the almost euphoric break rounds out the 3:48 nicely. Quick fun & unassuming.
 This is dope. While it’s the most festival ready shit I’ve ever posted on this blog, I have my reasons, those being, Trainspotting. Any track that uses samples from Trainspotting doesn’t get turned off immediately. And I’m glad I didn’t. The first build is EDM as fuck, but the 2nd, real build is euphoric trance that we need more of. The samples remain useful throughout, and the music video is well edited. The build puts you in a crazy, serotonin filled place, which I hope to hear more of as the US festival season warms up. Bomp this ish loud, your music junkie friends will thank you. Big ups to Bobina for making this happen.

Bonus! A friend’s tune that he only hinted at existing, one of my tracks of 2015, is finally seeing official release! Yellow@TheLight has been killing it in the whispered quiet spaces of the Lower East Side and Bali, strangely enough. His vibe can’t really be described, so I’ll just let the track speak for itself. Metal drums, deep vibes, and a techno back bone come together to feel like a beach party from the X-Files. Half deep, half almost metallic, it really shows off the breadth & depth of the production competence Yellow@TheLight brings to the table. So hopefully you & I can convince him to do it more often. If you’re feeling this, he’s got a new mix out of similar depth.

Midweek Music: Yellow@TheLight, Kasbo, Zisotto, Naderi & Soulwax!

As the temperature drops & the hoodies start making an appearance, it’s time for another 5 tracks for your midweek music fix. A mix of up & down, but all future fresh. Enjoy!

Hang Massive is such a gorgeous track. Dropped by the globetrotting surfer/DJ Yellow@TheLight, this is one you want to put on after a long day. Pour a nice glass of red wine, light a cigar and let it just smooth you out.
The only thing better than a Kasbo remix is a Kasbo original. This one features scintillating bass and a heavy dose of feels. Smartly mastered & including a no-bullshit free download, it’s just another example of Kasbo doing exactly what he needs to as he climbs the charts. Watch him get legit festival slots next summer, you heard it here first.
Switching gears, this tune by Zisotto is one to vibe out to. Highly meditative and reminiscent of the most ethereal parts of Chrono Trigger, I’m delighted to be recommending an Overclocked Remix, as this site was crucial to broadening my aural horizons back in the 2000’s. This 9 minute sonata is a lush, complex masterwork of ambient homage. Turn this on and drift away my friends. You won’t regret it.
This Naderi remix of a Keys N Krates banger hits all the right notes. It’s got the Future Bass feel we’ve all been jonesing for recently, highlighting Katy B’s stellar vocal work. It’s dark & gorgeous, with just a touch of the edge that keeps it from getting too cutesy or poppy. Naderi’s made a great first impression on me here, definitely getting added to some playlists.
Soulwax & Tame Impala. I was skeptical at first, but within seconds, my fears were banished. Soulwax slips a funky motif into the mix and we’re all better for it. Soulwax is one of those luminaries in the field, and reworking the masterful Tame Impala was a tall order. But they nailed it.

Hometown Fire: Yellow@TheLight

My boy, Yellow@TheLight had a particularly amazing weekend last week at Pacha, shutting down the main room, Sunday morning. He’s constructed a taste of his signature Pacha sound for everyone who missed it, a set filled with anthem house, progressive cuts, dirty electro and even some funky grooves. There’s a whole lot of what makes PACHA great in this VIP after-mix that he put back together for us after getting home from the club. Besides starting with the astonishing “Dance Bitch,” there’s a smooth set of transitions through club track and hit one after another. He’s got all the connections, the producing chops and the DJ skills to really break out. If you’ve not heard of this kid yet, you will. Get into it:

Mix of the Week – Natural Drift by Yellow@theLight

Yellow@theLight is a project by a dear friend, Chris LaMear, who deserves as much credit and press for his work as possible. This stuff is freaking amazing. I was originally introduced to him over a year ago and could not ignore his attention to detail, perfect execution and absurdly good track choice. The mixes and produced tracks flow like wine, and even with what’s occurred in his home neighborhood of Breezy Point (one of the areas hit hardest by Sandy) there is a positive and joyous sound throughout his latest mix.

Flowing from deep house openers to some pretty fun disco & funky house, all in the first 20 minutes, followed by some progressive & electro’y goodness. This guy has range and I have no idea where he gets his tracks, but they all rock. One ridiculous groove after another. He knows how to create transitions and builds that lend a massive confidence to the dance floor. There is this aura of celebrity and fabulousness with a lot of his set work, and this is no exception. However, it’s got a huge heart, and there’s this really warm groove to where he goes throughout his mixes and live work. It’s never nasty or off-putting, and even the dirtiest of electro and dubby goodness still doesn’t grate at the senses. A very thin line to walk, and he dances along it.

This is central to where I think DJing is going to go over the next 5 years. Being able to maintain a recognizable sound, across different sub-genres & even genres of EDM. Flux Pavilion, DeadMau5, Skrillex and others all have a signature feel to them. They’re recognizable and you can get a sense on the dance floor of when you’re listening to one of their tracks or set work by them. Yellow@theLight is fast generating that same signature feel. 32min in is one of those moments. The massive, triumphant electro’y, dubby goodness makes me think of my man tearing it up behind the decks, to as large of a crowd as possible. The amazing breakdowns after 33ish combined with the mean as hell vocals & dubby build give way to some amazingly filthy electrohouse.

I still cannot understand how this guy hasn’t been picked up by Mau5trap or someone in LA. This sound remains absolutely ridiculous and I was given the extreme pleasure of living near a weekly residency he had in my hood for a little bit. This mix continues to win all over the place and you’re better off listening to it and the previous ones that have been put out all over the spot. Get at it. Tell em Terry Gotham sent you.