Woman Destroys DJ’s Gear & Punches DJ For Track Choice

So, apparently in Madison, WI, a woman got so mad at some DJ’s track choice that they not only assaulted the DJ, but destroyed his headphones, laptop and microphone. And, just in case you didn’t think that was bad enough, the Typhoon of Ruin is still at large. Watch your back road warriors. Also, don’t play Levels. Not because she’s out there, just because Levels.


A techno nerd reviews DJ Pauly D

Highlights include Levels being played three times, a possible pre-recorded set, and a gaggle of 16 year olds that can barely keep their shit together during some incompetent scratching & mixing. I almost feel bad for the guy. Except then I realize he’s got 2x the fbook followers of Armin Van Buuren and I feel bad for the world instead.

Quote of the article: “9:37pm – Pauly attempts to scratch for the first (of many) times. Someplace, somewhere, DJ Shadow shudders and doesn’t know why.”