10 Questions With Terry Gotham: The Baltimore Rock Opera Society


The Baltimore Rock Opera Society –
Interview with Terry Gotham

(If you are proximal to the Baltimore area, I implore you, I beseech you, I beg of you to check out Lunastus. The Baltimore Rock Opera Society has been killing it for literally a decade now, and I was finally able to catch Lunastus, their latest mind-fuck jamboree of awesome, built with their bare hands (and lobster claws). I was so happy to talk to Shannon Hadley, Managing Director of the infamous Baltimore Rock Opera Society and wrangler of what must be a particularly feisty glaring of cats on acid (no shit, that’s what a group of cats is called) They make visionary and expansive rock-drenched stories, pushing the limits of what grass-roots, community and progressive art can be. I’ve been a fan for so long, so please enjoy this conversation, see the show, light them up on social media, and help them get somewhere dope to keep doing dope shit.)

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The Subway Party By Glove & Boots.

This is slightly off topic for me, but since everyone gets to and from most of these parties using cabs or parties, I had to make sure this got eyes. Glove & Boots is one of the best places on YouTube these days, with Johnny T as a highlight of the channel. The subway being a party in a studio apartment with 700 people, none of whom like each other, is the. The. Best explanation of the subway experience during rush hour I’ve ever heard. Now the only thing I can think of whenever I’m on the subway is the ape going “ughhh” when the dude’s playing Sandstorm on his phone.

What I’m saying is, watch this. It is wonderful.