Arby’s Donates $44k for Pharrell’s Hat.

So, as inspiration to all of us to never let a good joke die, Arby’s has taken their Grammy jokes about Pharrell all the way to the auction block. Pharrell set up his awesome Diglet hat (whose true origins/purpose were discussed here earlier) to be auctioned for charity and Arby’s traight up bought it. Not only has a great charity gotten some loot, but Arby’s got a cool 10,000 retweets out of it. Can’t say I buy the ROI but then again, I didn’t come up with the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon sandwich, so what do I know. (via FACT)

Pharrell’s Hat Had A Point. He’s Also Got Jokes On Everyone.

NYMag’s The Cut is the only outlet I’ve seen report this. It seems Pharrell’s hat was actually an elaborate fashion reference that throws all of the Smokey The Bear/Arbys/Curious George/Diglett references into sharp relief. Seems they’re not as clever as they thought they were.

Buffalo Girls (the video above), was first performed in 1844 by a Blackface minstrel singer, before it got picked up by the heads who re-did it. It’s actually just super retro, so, there’s your morning idle chatter salvo for you.

Happy Daft Punk Day! Get Lucky & Interstella 5555 Mashup

Yo dawg, I herd you like Daft Punk, so I put some Daft Punk in your Daft Punk, so you can Daft Punk while you Daft Punk.

Get Lucky has been released and should be exploding all over your intertrons. Here’s a mashup with Interstella 5555 the fantastic “House Musical” that was done with Discovery. Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.