Eclectic Method Is Back!

This kind of annotated video isn’t something we see very often, but just in case you wanted a little refresher on the origins of the music you’ll be dancing to all summer, check Eclectic Method‘s video out. People generally never remember it, or cleverly forget it when they’ve lifted something profitable from the past (coughrobinthickecough). While it’s a little light on the morass of darkness, just in case you wanted something a little more geeky fun, I’ve got a bonus video from Eclectic Method just on lightsabers. Because, when you’re as good as the Eclectic Method at video editing, you can make a music video from pretty much any sound you want. Check it & more of his projects out at his site.

Someone Mashed UP Sia’s Chandelier with Star Wars. It’s Amazing.

Teddie Films thought about what would’ve happened after Captain Solo was frozen in carbonite, on the off chance Chewie took Han’s direction of “take care of Leia” a little too literally. The video is a fun, nerdy romp that will definitely put a smirk on your face. Especially after you see a random Asian dude trying to rock the Leia Cinnabon haircut. Can’t wait to see if the Leia/Chewie pair of costumes get some attention because of this. Happy Friday y’all! (Happy Saturday to Australia & Hong Kong, where it’s almost tomorrow already!)