Nation, DC Superclub, A Photographic Memorial.

PLURI spent a couple of years haunting this nightclub just inside of the DC city limits. It was the places I saw The Prodigy, Astrix & plenty of other stupendous artists. Crippled by the RAVE Act, the previous super club (I’m talking 5 floors open on big nights) was still alive by the time I got there, with massive events & 2-3 concurrent areas of sound at even the smallest event. This was one of the great ones folks, and it was bulldozed to create the parking lot for The Nationals (baseball team) parking lot. Recently this set of pictures of Nation popped up on my feeds, so I wanted to take the time to share a little bit of my own history. This place was undeniably a pillar of the MD/DC/Mid-Atlantic dance music & rave community for years. Lots of places come & go, but a couple are special. Nation was special. To me anyway. Check out the whole set and show Travis Payne some love, as his Flickr stream is actually pretty legit.
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