Three “Royals” Covers You Need To See.

First up, the African Tribal Masquerade cover by Alex Boye’, which was done after purchasing paint & a wreath from Wal-Mart. A wonderful take on the original and something authentic from someone authentic. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Next, Puddles Pity Party. No that’s not the name of an episode of Adventure Time, it’s a 7ft tall clown with the voice of a tragic angel. He swung by Sleep No More last week and I couldn’t be happier that the guy is slowly becoming a name on the internets. The performance is perfect & the Pagliacci invocations are wonderful.

Finally, Pentatonix have whipped up a lovely acapella version for your listening pleasure. This perky little group deserves as much exposure as they can get, especially considering how awesome their sweet Daft Punk medley was a while ago. Check these 3 out, then forward them to your friends who think they’ve seen everything 😉