Midnight Music: LOTR Remix! Turn Down For Hobbits!

I can’t say that I’m a huge LOTR nerd, but closing the circle must feel good for a lot of people. To celebrate the end of a journey that started before Obama was a household name, my boy Will Vance over at EDMTunes whipped up a surprisingly legit remix of Pippin’s song. The bass & backbeats work really well, and I’m definitely hoping that I hear it mixed into something at some point. Oh man, can we get DJ Hodor to play LOTR remixes? Because that might actually approach the definition of epic. It’s a tumultuous track that definitely needs to be mastered and slipped onto a playlist in Peter Jackson’s jet at some point. Get at more of this one’s sound here. (Lyrics & photo from here)

My New Favorite Phrase Is “Bilbo It Up.”

Patrick Rothfuss is an American writer of sworcery (you see what I did there?), most notably The Kingkiller Chronicles. The “take on the damn dragon” attitude you find in that class of fiction has always been one of my favorites. Not backing down in the face of fire-breath is hardcore 😀