The Spice Must Flow! And Also Be Available On Vinyl.

Modern Vinyl is reporting that the Dune soundtrack is going to be reissued for the first time since the mid-80’s. If you’re a fan of spandex, Sting & the spice, you may want to take note, because I severely doubt this is ever going to happen again. Grab it here just in case you can’t wait to pre-order it domestically.  (via Modern Vinyl)

Worldwide Slump In Physical Media Sales Because You’re No Longer Big In Japan.

So, it seems one country really can make the difference when it comes to sales of an entire medium. In case you weren’t aware, the Japanese need to have it. Not a download of it, It. The purchase of the vinyl, cassette, 8track or CD has been a shot in the arm for the industry for years, with hard-to-find physical presses with bonus tracks only available in Japan (like the Random Access Memories CD with an extra track, not released anywhere else in the world). As the world slowly switches to internet-based streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora, the sales took a huge hit in Japan, to the tune of a 16% drop in the country. To put that in perspective, digital consumption was up 13% in Europe. Writing’s on the wall everyone. Get your shit up for free on Soundcloud & YouTube. Ain’t no one buying your CD until they see you at a show. (via FACT)

Celebrity Portraits Made From Vinyl Records

In a move that will enrage vinyl & physical media purists everywhere, Greg Frederick makes celebrity portraits & art out of vinyl records. And they’re pretty damn good. Laughing Squid got down on it and so should you. He’s taking comissions and did something for Courtney Love I think. Buy something for the record head in your life just in case you have no idea what kind of Techno they like when their birthday comes around.

“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” ~Stephen Fry

As a long time viewer of vinyl vs. digital arguments, this quote resonated more than most about books. The medium doesn’t matter, it’s about the quality of the art contained within, and it always will be. Whether it’s words or beats, do what you love and it’ll shine through however it’s consumed by your adoring public.

“Pay-Per-Inch” Vinyl System Created by Label Vlek

I have to say, I really hope this catches on. The Belgian label Vlek has hilariously simplified vinyl purchasing for all of the record-steady heads out there. 1 Euro per inch, postage & packaging included for the EU, Africa, Asia & Latin America. Apparently USA/AU/NZ have a 5 euro surcharge, but it’s still cheaper than before for some of the smaller EPs. Hit up the shop if you’re a fan of Sagat or Squeaky Lobster and try to get it from them directly so this idea generates some buzz/legs. (via FACT)


The #1 Billboard Hit From 100 Years Ago Was Performed By Bill Murray.

A friend of mine wished me a Happy New Year by sending me the top hits of 1914. I was kind of stunned that kind of documentation existed, so I dug into it. It seems a guy named Bill Murray was all the rage, charting over and over with massive (ok, nowhere near massive) hits like “It’s a Long, Long Way to Tipperary,” “He’d Have to Get Under (To Fix Up His Automobile)” & “When You’re All Dressed Up & No Place to Go.” Two of three sound like they’d be bomping tracks with serious twerk potential. A stark reminder of the times, the #2 hit was a UK War hit (you know, because WWI was being fought at the time), “Are We Downhearted? No!” Which, I suppose makes sense. People needed some cheering up, while trying to not be killed by the millions of German soldiers advancing towards them in France. And sure it wasn’t the Bill Murray you were thinking of, but would you have clicked otherwise? 😀

The Forum & Pop2Life Created A Record Made of 250,000 ft Of Vinyl for The Eagles

Excessive is a great way to describe many aspects of partying in Los Angeles, and it seems a promo company named Pop2Life has decided to remind us all just how ridiculous it gets. To celebrate the re-opening of The Forum, a massive venue in LA, not only did they get The Eagles to break the place in with a spate of concerts, but they’re covering the roof with the largest record ever. 407ft wide & made of 250,000ft of plastic, requiring a team of 75 to build. The reprint of Hotel California will spin, but not produce music sadly. However, if you’re flying into LAX, you’ll see it. Someone grab a picture on the way in and post it will ya? (via Vinyl Factory)