The Truth Hurts.

Interesting discussion over at Stoney Roads on mainstream vs. “underground EDM. Feel free to read it, I just really like the image. Ask someone whose music taste you respect the last time they listened to big room electro or brostep of their own volition. When was the last time someone truly put on Animals not trying to either make a point, or make a joke? Times are changing. The only places a lot of those sounds are going to find homes are niche markets and Michael Bay movies in a couple of years. The underground will keep sounding progressively different, as the mainstream pop/edm train starts to work its way through genres.

Anyone want to guess what comes after deep/progressive house shakes out over the next few seasons? Trance? Breakbeat? Minimal Techno? MauStep?

DJs Can Dance! (Kinda)

Mixmag runs this great little weekly called The Lab, that showcases varsity talent from all over the globe. This one ups the traditional weekly podcast in that it’s a live-stream fresh from the decks. This gives the viewer (you) a unique opportunity to watch DJs geek out on music up close and personal. Apparently Mixmag has taken this and run with it, such that they’ve been able to compile this quick and dirty 85 seconds of DJs shaking what their mama gave them. It’s a nice touch, and it’s very heartening to know that Carl Cox can move when he wants to. Peep it for the lulz and check The Lab for additional illness.