Midweek Music: Global Edition ft. Stromae, Maitre Gims & Saad Lamjarred!

Been doing a little traveling recently and one of my favorite things to do when I travel is listen to local “Hits.” Sometimes it’s the same crap you hear on every radio station in the USA, but occasionally you come across stuff you would never hear. So here are three of the dopest non-English tunes I’ve heard in a while!

Stromae is incredible. I’ve not been following him as closely as I should have, so this track slipped under my radar. The lyrics are translated, which is super important because they’re absolutely crucial. Stromae tells the story of our lives being carried away by social media, and how followers become more important than connection. The animation is top notch as is the production on the song. Put this into your face ASAP and check his most recent video here!

Maitre Gims is a perfect example of how good a poppy dance track can be with zero lyrical recognition. This is a peppy, summery tune that stands on its own, with the video showing the star balling, but balling in the Middle East. If I had a choice between watching this or another Flo Rida track where he’s stunting on some bullshit for the millionth time, I think you know which one I’d choose.

 Saad Lamjarred is a baller. There is no other way to describe the utterly amazing style, fashion, bass & shot choices in this video. I have no idea what they’re saying, but I can tell that Saad gets all the ladies, his boys can break dance and the old dude got some Beats headphones. This is the perfect example of a culture modernizing and entering the global worldbeat stream. Honestly, this track wouldn’t be out of place in a diplo set. Someone tell Mad Decent, they need to pick this guy up.

Midnight Music: Stromae – Ta Fête (J.A.C.K Remix) [Astonishing French House]

Fresh New Tracks has been killing it lately with stuff I’ve not heard anywhere else, and this tune rounds out the week in a jaw-dropping way. I don’t know where this came from, but if it didn’t actually come straight from the minds of Daft Punk, I’ll be shocked. The track has all of the trappings of French House and it manages to never end up sucking, something that 100% of the DP posers out there can’t do. Put it into your face. That’s the only thing I’m going to say. The nu disco vibe combined with a dollop of proper synth & some compelling French lyrical work needs your attention, and it needs it right now. Who the hell is J.A.C.K. and why the hell haven’t they been touring in the USA for the last decade?