Midnight Music: Nightcall – Reverie [Euphoric Synth Metal]

Nightcall - ReverieNightcall is one of the few moody, dark triumphant groups that get an instant listen whenever they put out new work. Their explosion 2min in is one of mastery and could best be described as “viking metal without guitars.” There’s a powerful dark future sound here, while staying true to the fundamentals of a genre of music that ISN’T DANCE MUSIC. This is straight up some progressive metal that is being made with a keyboard, or some crazy synth work. If this is coming out of a laptop, which, is likely at this point, I think we’ve seen the tip fellas. Like, this means that all genres are on the take when it comes to this, as my longstanding love of indietronica helps to reinforce. If you can take the best of what’s coming out of laptop production & throw it into some pre-existing musicality/vibe/whatever, bang. And we’re all better for it. This is the kind of work that needs to be happening across genres to really find the sweet spot that bands need to sound unique in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace.