Jae Jin’s Album “Kairos” Is A Stunning Soulful Success!

Kairos - Jae Jin

Jae Jin – Kairos

I spoke to Jae Jin a little while back, during his last stint of NYC performances. Easily one of the most electrifying new voices of my generation, I think there’s a certain explosive potential in this kid. He’s put it all on the line and if you were one of the chosen few who helped him crowdfund (with a hefty chunk going to charity no less) his debut album, you have not been disappointed. For everyone who wasn’t smart enough to get in on that action, you can grab it here, which I highly recommend.

When It Finds You is one of the best vocal tracks I’ve heard in years. This has pop/rock anthem written all over it. It delivers with hints of gospel, a heaping dose of soul & just a dash of euphoria. The call & answer section is a wonderful throwback & the tune reels you in and doesn’t let you go. Expertly arranged, it busts the door down for the album.

Running pulls a little more in the indie direction, showcasing Jae’s range and ability. The mastering & additional elements added in to support his buttery vocals are the right choices, with the track gliding along. I’m surprised I haven’t already heard it on the radio. Ain’t About Love brings it back down to almost a blues vibe, but the ditty uses piano & snaps to emphasize just how good Jae Jin is at this.

Don’t Fall Too Late is a rambling, relaxed soulful meditation, but by this point, you should be expecting that. It harmonizes & blends well, giving Jae Jin another chance to knock it out of the park. Which he of course does. The guitar & piano are front and center, but neither dominates. Everything is necessary and it all works. Moon & Stars modernizes that soulful vibe, centering on some soaring chords. It has almost a country vibe, feeling like it could be played at an indie show or even a NASCAR race. It feels very American, if that means anything anymore.

Honestly, I could keep going on, listing each track and telling you how good they are, but that’s just taking time away from you listening to & buying the album. Each track is expertly arranged and continues to show new sides of Jae, ones I didn’t even know he had, and I knew the guy years ago.

I want to wrap this up by saying that this guy’s sound is screaming to get paired up with DJs & producers here in NYC. This guy’s vocal work is beyond compare and any producer or label that picks him up will be lucky. He’s pulling his weight in gold, to quote Gallant, and Ed Sheeran has nothing on this kid. Pick the album up here and enjoy!

Jae Jin

Midnight Music: Dido – White Flag (Collin McLoughlin Remix) [Pteropus-Step/D&B]

The last time I mentioned Collin on this blog was for his stupefyingly good deep house mix. Before that I was ranting on twitter about his vocal dubstep tracks that blew us all out of the water. Last week he dropped a liquid drum & bass remix of White Flag by Dido. Yes, that Dido. Di Freaking “Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain’t calling” do. Not only did he provide his own vocal recording for the remix, but the production is on point. The potent drum and bass chops that none of us new he had, shine through. There’s a sensibility about what to take away and what to keep, the mark of an artist who can’t help but go places. The build around 2:15 is silky smooth, and there’s a dude singing Dido. Because fuck your gender roles bro. The tune is dancey without being overbearing or at all harsh. So much to like here, and this continues to prove that Collin McLoughlin isn’t actually human, but just some Jedi producer sent back in time to usher in the era of the Wyld Stallions or something.

Midnight Music: The US National Anthem In A Haunting Minor Key.

Who is this person and why aren’t they singing the soundtrack to Maleficent. This “Major to Minor” juxtaposition is gorgeous and needs to get copied a thousand times over. I’m serious. Minor keys don’t get used in Pop or EDM these days, in no small part because no one played Jazz or went to conservatory before becoming OMG Famous these days. When Afrojack can’t even read music, how the hell are we going to expect a songwriter or producer to know what a mixolydian mode or minor 5th is. Check this guy out because this kind of disruption is super easy to replicate, but super innovative and will definitely lead to more people experimenting with more chords and different tonal arrangements.