“Art is the Lie that makes us realize the Truth.” ~Pablo Picasso

The master himself reminds us that the act of creation, while flawed, can allow for great moments of insight. Keep going, no matter what.

Party of the Month: Black & Light Ball: Enter The Golden Age

http://kostumekult.com/events/blb13/ An amazing party that starts with a Sunset…set from some stellar DJs in an amazing space. Get there early to ensure you don’t miss a second of the shenanigans.

As April showers turn into…May showers, the annual unholy alliance between Kostume Kult & DiSORIENT comes out of the gray rainy mists to dazzle the denizens of Gotham City. While DiSORIENT has pulled off amazing stuff documented around here previously, I’ve not mentioned Kostume Kult yet. They’re one of the best & most flamboyant crews in the NYC burner community. Even though the event is technically in June I’m going to be excited about it all month, so here’s the event not to miss in the next 4 weeks.

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Tech Noir Glimmers & Glows in the Dark.

“Papers Please!”

I looked up to see Guncle, the adorable Cerberus of the Gotham night smiling through his almost decadent scarf covering his nose & mouth. His eyes belied a huge grin as I passed my ticket up to the booth for his review and after an embrace I changed into my costume and checked my bag. The theme for the evening was a stunning mix of dystopia, cyberpunk, post-apocalypse & a general techy layered on top of the already beautiful Red Lotus Room.

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EP of the Week: “Gone, But Not Forgotten” by IniPhiles

(Another one of my reviews for Old Timey Hedgehog, which can be found in this brand spanking new iMag that you can get right here: http://www.amazon.com/Hedgy-Times-Issue-Magazine-ebook/dp/B00CLEMFTC/ Get at it, as it costs less than your cup of coffee. Or your Red Bull if you live in Manhattani interestingly.)

I’ve got a recently released chiptune phoenix for you this month. The eight track EP that was done to avenge the tragic fall of TWD Industries’ data cart has arrived. And you know, it’s pretty cool. While some chip-related producers are staying well within the borders of an increasingly crowded body of work, TWD Industries is consistently bored enough with it to go in some funky & inventive kinda ways. King Photon lends some support because obviously a 2 man party gets much farther into the dungeon than a solo adventurer.

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22 Tracks You Missed in April 2013


As April showers turn to May flowers and the random weird people turning their A/Cs on way too early in the year, I’ve got 22 tracks that got put into my awareness over the last 30 days. A bunch of fun stuff as usual, with some ethereal but deep & meditative downtempo/chill stuff from LuQuS, Soular Order, Critical, Headphone Activist & Henry Saiz. ak9 drops a delightful track to round out the more calm side of things with “When You Come Home” which has become a fast favorite.

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