Midnight Music: Faded (Zac Waters & Tommie Sunshine Remix)

Faded (Zac Waters & Tommie Sunshine Remix)Oh man, Faded. If you have ears, you’ve heard the mysterious ZHU’s masterpiece, Faded, essentially everywhere. I heard a deep house remix at a party in Brooklyn, the same day I heard a more dance-friendly remix on the radio (KTU occasionally knows the score. Not often, but occasionally). However, I’ve gotta say, I like this one a lot. The depth of the electro stabs, combined with the ethereal synth work insulating the vocals works well. There’s a retro stabby electro bass thing going on which I’m all about, and you gotta wait for like 4/5 of the track to go by to get to the real meat. Because Tommie Sunshine makes you fucking work for it. Something I can respect. It’s a great Free DL and Zac Waters puts out a great offering here, with the help of one of the best in the business, Tommie Sunshine. A gem, and a zero dollar gem at that. Get at it, and bomp it before you go to PACHA. Or may be you listen to it before you go rock out to minimal techno at Resolute, whatever man, it’s cool.


Mix Of The Weekend: Sunshine Forecast #10 Music For The Streets

Tommie Sunshine - Sunshine Forecast #10In case you’ve been on the moon, there’s been some shit going down in my city the last week. People made the decision to not indict a cop for chokeholding an asthmatic, obese black father of six to death. This has resulted in demonstrations, protests & non-violent civil actions all over the city. Tommie Sunshine has been a consistent source of news from the streets, because, he’s actually out there protesting with his fans. His 10th edition of his podcast is heavier than normal, mirroring the mood of the streets. Pushing the heaviest of releases out is a strong statement, one that’s hard to execute. He does so, in an almost menacingly competent way. There’s a strong reminder that not all the performers out there forgot that dance music used to be counter-culture, and a place for those pursued by the various authorities. They end with a mini-mix of tracks off their Brooklyn Fire label, another facet of the city he supports. Consistency is important y’all. After this rocks your face & causes gratuitous fist pumping and possible shame, Mr. Sunshine also released a chill Elvis remix with Wuki this week. When he told me he was going to be busy, he wasn’t kidding.

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Tommie Sunshine

Tommie Sunshine

1. How is 2014 ending out for you? Any crazy summer stories or projects started early on that are coming along nicely? I don’t even know where I could possibly begin. There’s so much going on right now, I have so much music about to come out. I have a television show in development with Red Bull, a lot of things.

2. Do you have a favorite sized crowd that you like to play to? Hotel room sized? Ampitheater? Somewhere in between? I mean, to me, it doesn’t matter how big the crowd is. It never has. I’m just as comfortable playing to 10,000 people as I am to 10. The way I see it, if somebody is going to go the distance, of driving from somewhere far away, like proper ravers do. Then, they deserve the complete show. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a club and it’s not particularly packed, or if it’s a particularly crazy night. I think I deliver the same intensity in every situation.

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The French “Turn Down For What” In The Rain!

Instead of shutting the damn thing down, the French Open kept the crowd in the stadium and had a mini-dance battle while waiting for the rain to stop. It’s almost as if we don’t need to kick thousands of attendees out of a place just because shit is a little moist(via White Raver Rafting).

Mix Of The Weekend: The Music Maker – 1992 Rave (From Tommie Sunshine)

Listen up kids, Tommie Sunshine did us all a favor with this mix. He didn’t have to drop something from 19freaking92 on us. This is a gem of a mix, that I assume everyone at this party thought was lost. To put this in perspective, I was in elementary school when this party happened, which is funny, since this party apparently took place in an elementary school basement. When people use the word “Rave” this is what one of those sounded like. Take some time and put the 90 minutes into your face when you’re pregaming this weekend. This was only 7 years after MDMA was made illegal. This mix is required listening for anyone who wants to know how we got to where we are today. Without some of the admittedly goofy sounding tracks, progressive, big room, dubstep, trap and everything else y’all hold dear would’ve never happened. Hit up Tommie Sunshine, he’ll learn you.

EP of the Week: Sierra Leone Remixes

Mt. Eden is one of my absolute favorite artists and almost 2 years after downloading & playing the hell out of their original tracks, they’re finally releasing some of their sick nasty goodness for purchase. Sierra Leone is a gorgeous track that was one of the first that proved that dubsteppy beats could be chilled and lovely in my mind. Saw these cats live at Webster Hall and they did not disappoint in the least. The remixes, from the likes of Araabmuzik and Tommie Sunshine do not disappoint. TaKu adds some fun garage’y beats to round out the EP. Tight, to the point and a great little reminder that Mt. Eden kills it. Can’t wait for their next NYC show.