EP of the Week – Generous by Hostage

Origami Sound is fast becoming one of my favorite indie labels. Their choices are incredible and different in ways I’m only starting to appreciate.

A four-track joint, the EP is done by a Scotsman (allegedly) called Hostage. His take on lush, deep house is a surprising but welcome one. The tracks are groovy and possess an almost liquid quality. There’s a smoothness to them that evokes well dressed people in expensive neighborhoods looking cool while searching for meaning. Zephyrus starts out with this deep, round sound and keeps reminding me of a special kind of party. The one you’re not quite sure how you ended up or why you’re there, but you end up staying a while because it’s just a bit more chill than you expected, so there’s no need to rush.

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Mix of the Week: Change Will Come 2013 by MitiS

MitiS is absolutely killing it this year.

In addition to the Open Window & Born EPs that he’s dropped over the last three months, his popularity and technical skill have both been skyrocketing. I’ve featured some of his tracks over the last few months on my monthly playlists, but it’s been a while since he issued a full-length mix. And boy does he need to do so more often. At once it sounds like a better version of stuff you’ve heard everywhere else. Mixed better, less cheesy and altogether much more enjoyable, even though it’s a mashup of electro, house and some tasty wobble, a recipe lots of people try, but few succeed in.

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Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Sydney Blu

1. For all of the NYC-based hopefuls that dream of the day they make it down to Avalon, can you tell us what it sounds like these days? How is it different than what you did at Mansion?
I’m not a resident at Avalon but whenever I’m in town I play there. I definitely feel that Avalon is a staple, it’s been around for so long. They have a built in crowd, so it doesn’t really matter who’s playing, they always have a packed audience. And on top of that, they have all of these artists and their fans come out, to add to the crowd. So there was ALWAYS a packed crowd.

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Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Ready Steady Ghost

(This month, for Old Timey Hedgehog, I was sent out to interview one of the freshest group of younglings I’ve seen with a sound a dream and a bunch of bad ass band members. Their mixture of pop punk & chiptune is just waiting to explode. Check out the interview and more in Issue 6: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DPUYHN8/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk)

1. How did you guys come together around this combination of punk & chiptune?

Will: Before this band, me our drummer Andrew & our bassist Chris, we were in a band called Later Can Wait. It was a pop-punk/alternative, and that band didn’t really go anywhere. We kinda went on a 2 year hiatus, I actually started doing a lot of chiptune music myself, like my side project. I was listening to a lot of I Fight Dragons, an alternative chiptune band. I was like, you know what, I want to try to put chiptune into pop punk, not pop punk like it is nowadays. I’m talking old school pop punk like New Found Glory, Blink 182. What it used to be. That’s how this band came together. I came up with the first EP, Chris helped me out with it.
Chris: We have to give Will credit as far as the chiptune goes, because, believe it or not, he has a solo project called Pixel Perfect. Some of our songs are really, those songs in which we all put our spin on, and they’re all on the record. The chiptune aspect was masterminded by Will, but now it’s more of a family & everything is really collaborative.

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