Jezebel Surprises With Momentary Relevance To The EDM Community.

In a quick “listicle” style, Jezebel rattled off a surprisingly accurate list of the 5 people you see at every show. They used the word concert because they’re old, but this list could apply perfectly to any dance party or DJ performance/festival you’ve been to in the last 6 months. Where the hell is that weed coming from, and why did you spend $120 on getting in here if you’re going to play Candy Crush Saga for half the guy’s set? (via Old Timey Hedgehog)

Dayside: Chronicles of Sound Album Review (Old Timey Hedgehog)

(Check out my latest album review for Old Timey Hedgehog here: 

This month, I’m presenting a combo graphic novel & debut album from some very talented people calling themselves the Chronicles of Sound. The idea is fresh and well executed. I saw them live an age ago, and their live covers of fan favorites can be found here, here and here. But, this is about their album, which is based around a concept I absolutely love. It’s a soundtrack to an accompanying graphic novel, telling the first part of the story and introducing the world the characters exist in. The non-rotating planet idea & sound-as-weapon arcs are intriguing, and it’s drawn quite well for a free download. There’s a hunger that can be felt in both the music and the art, where you can tell people are super into this. There are undertones of Interstella 5555 for the more well-versed in Daft Punk among you, which is a huge compliment.

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Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: Ready Steady Ghost

(This month, for Old Timey Hedgehog, I was sent out to interview one of the freshest group of younglings I’ve seen with a sound a dream and a bunch of bad ass band members. Their mixture of pop punk & chiptune is just waiting to explode. Check out the interview and more in Issue 6:

1. How did you guys come together around this combination of punk & chiptune?

Will: Before this band, me our drummer Andrew & our bassist Chris, we were in a band called Later Can Wait. It was a pop-punk/alternative, and that band didn’t really go anywhere. We kinda went on a 2 year hiatus, I actually started doing a lot of chiptune music myself, like my side project. I was listening to a lot of I Fight Dragons, an alternative chiptune band. I was like, you know what, I want to try to put chiptune into pop punk, not pop punk like it is nowadays. I’m talking old school pop punk like New Found Glory, Blink 182. What it used to be. That’s how this band came together. I came up with the first EP, Chris helped me out with it.
Chris: We have to give Will credit as far as the chiptune goes, because, believe it or not, he has a solo project called Pixel Perfect. Some of our songs are really, those songs in which we all put our spin on, and they’re all on the record. The chiptune aspect was masterminded by Will, but now it’s more of a family & everything is really collaborative.

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