Midnight Music: CHVRCHES – The Mother We Share (Moon Boots Remix)

Tonight, I wanted to give you some peppy but chilled out deliciousness that you recognized, but was still new enough that it kept you guessing. This rework of the hit by CHVRCHES by Moon Boots is something I could only describe as “twee house” the first time I heard it. It’s a dancey but not high energy, and is definitely a sweet tune to play while kissing someone you’re crushing on. Or walking on the moon, you know, whichever.


Nicki Minaj Is Back, Guns Blazing!

I was scared for a minute that Nicki Minaj was going to slouch and turn into a ditz when she decided to pick up the regular gig on American Idol. She has so much flow, talent & fire that I really think she can be one of the best female moguls in hip hop since Missy Elliot & Mary J Blige, and this video definitely gives me hope she’s on the way back to tangling with the big dogs in the game. World Star Hip Hop dropped it first and it’s been slowly catching the eyes of those in the know. Peep it and get excited.

Sturdy Portable Laptop Stand Review On Beatport. For Your Favorite On The Go DJ.

Beatport has continued their series of tech reviews and they’ve started branching out into things that you don’t need to plug in. Since every DJ I know always complains about their laptop stand, I figured I’d post this, and I hope it helps a non-zero number of you traktor/ableton jockeys out. Don’t say I never got you anything nice. On a more serious note though, things like this definitely prove that Beatport is a smart brand that’s trying to get information out to its customers. Good on em.


Squarepusher Is Now Making Music With Robots (No, Not Daft Punk, Actual Robots)

Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of robots, Squarepusher is coming to the rescue. Instead of wearing helmets or suits or using robotic sounding music, Squarepusher is just giving instruments to robots and playing with them. You heard me. Get at the video below and hit up FACT for more info & some of Squarepusher’s thoughts behind it. I’m just going to sit back and fantsize about a Daft Punk/Squarepusher collaboration. Mmmmm, inorganic music.

Midnight Music: Pussy Riot’s New Music Video!

While there aren’t subtitles on the vids yet, it seems Pussy Riot has taken the footage of them being harassed/assaulted in Sochi and dropped a new music video using it. The video is in your face, very hooliganism-style and I’m super glad they didn’t get their asses beat any harder than they did. I mean, zero ass beatings would be preferable, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to be happening any time soon. Check it out, and then let’s see what happens now that the games are over.

Deadmau5 Trolls Wildztylez In Retailiation For Chord Jack & Revives FuckMyLife

And with that, deadmau5 has returned to soundcloud. EDMTunes reports that after deadmau5 confronted Wildstylez about what he saw to be a clear rip off job, he dove into the studio and produced some blistering hardstyle (below). Moral of the story, don’t piss off Joel.

Miley Cyrus Drops Country Cover Of “Hey Ya” By Outkast On Her Bangerz Tour!

You read that right. Dressed in a long bedazzled T-shirt with a picture of her face on it (with her tongue where her crotch is), and no pants on, she belted out Hey Ya, the Outkast classic that’s largely driving the gigantic swell of interest in seeing them perform essentially everwhere this summer. Someone made a hilariously on point call in her camp, because the track is going to get serious traction. It hit HuffPo a few days ago, and I assume there’s going to be a retail version of the tune shortly. Oh, and she’s still wearing that pot leaf onesie in the tour I believe as well.