Squarepusher Is Now Making Music With Robots (No, Not Daft Punk, Actual Robots)

Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of robots, Squarepusher is coming to the rescue. Instead of wearing helmets or suits or using robotic sounding music, Squarepusher is just giving instruments to robots and playing with them. You heard me. Get at the video below and hit up FACT for more info & some of Squarepusher’s thoughts behind it. I’m just going to sit back and fantsize about a Daft Punk/Squarepusher collaboration. Mmmmm, inorganic music.

Midnight Music: Pussy Riot’s New Music Video!

While there aren’t subtitles on the vids yet, it seems Pussy Riot has taken the footage of them being harassed/assaulted in Sochi and dropped a new music video using it. The video is in your face, very hooliganism-style and I’m super glad they didn’t get their asses beat any harder than they did. I mean, zero ass beatings would be preferable, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to be happening any time soon. Check it out, and then let’s see what happens now that the games are over.

Deadmau5 Trolls Wildztylez In Retailiation For Chord Jack & Revives FuckMyLife

And with that, deadmau5 has returned to soundcloud. EDMTunes reports that after deadmau5 confronted Wildstylez about what he saw to be a clear rip off job, he dove into the studio and produced some blistering hardstyle (below). Moral of the story, don’t piss off Joel.

Miley Cyrus Drops Country Cover Of “Hey Ya” By Outkast On Her Bangerz Tour!

You read that right. Dressed in a long bedazzled T-shirt with a picture of her face on it (with her tongue where her crotch is), and no pants on, she belted out Hey Ya, the Outkast classic that’s largely driving the gigantic swell of interest in seeing them perform essentially everwhere this summer. Someone made a hilariously on point call in her camp, because the track is going to get serious traction. It hit HuffPo a few days ago, and I assume there’s going to be a retail version of the tune shortly. Oh, and she’s still wearing that pot leaf onesie in the tour I believe as well.

Midnight Music: Fake Blood – Get Myself Together

Fake Blood was put on my radar a few years ago and the quality has been through the roof. A combination dj, producer & graffiti artist, the all around badass has serious producing chops, giving edges to a lot of old-school rhythms & rhymes. This new track showed up a little over a week ago and it’s been on heavy rotation since. A combination of some soothing, jazzy vocals and some seriously almost-two-step style beats. It’s a fun little track to squeeze the last little bit of productivity out of the weekend, or to keep your ridiculous Sunday afterparty going 😉

Esquire Nails The Pussy Riot Re-Arrest Commentary.

Since Pussy Riot returned to Russia, they’ve been the mouse to Putin’s cat. Being arrested, released, then having Cossacks set on them (as I mentioned earlier today), lots of different outlets have been trying to figure out what’s going on. Esquire got it right. In a scathing piece, they outline exactly why Putin has a shit-eating grin on his face all the damn time. He took $51 Billion of Russia’s money and handed it to his friends, and the world applauded it. Shit man, I’d be smiling.

Pussy Riot Attacked By Cossacks. With Whips.

In case you thought the saga was over, Putin’s Idiocratic Olympics continue with Pussy Riot being attacked by the Cossacks. Yes, the traditional, whip-wielding, horse-riding, xenophobic assholes from the hills of rural Russia, are now doing Putin’s bitch work. This involved whipping & violently attacking the members of Pussy Riot who attempted to protest various dastardly bullshit at Sochi. When the one male member of the Pussy Riot protest team ends up bleeding from the head, you know we’ve entered some terrible territory. (via FACT)