Midnight Music: ODESZA – Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

One of the things I take great pleasure in is watching artists rise from obscurity to eventually blow minds of thousands at a time. I’ve been lovingly stalking ODESZA for a year or so now, and each time the pair from out West put something out, it makes my day. In Return is no exception. ODESZA exists in this delightful space between chill trap, UK garage, deep house & indie. The vocals of Zyra add to the glittering bass work that they’ve come up with. The 2014 tour is already starting to sell out in the big cities like NYC, DC, SF and Boston, so check out the tour info here and get those tickets fast if you’re in a lucky city that hasn’t discovered this awesome sound yet. New stuff coming 9/9.14 so get excited for me to yell about how awesome they are even more 😀


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