Midnight Music: New Arty Remix Referencing Bed Stuy, LSD & Brooklyn.

I posted a Facebook status about this a little bit ago, but I wanted to make sure to go on the record noting this has happened. This is a dance remix of a track specifically mentioning Bed Stuy, or Bedford Stuyvesant, one of the battlegrounds of gentrification in BK these days. So, I really like the progressive remix that’s going on here, and it, like the lyrics feel very new and 21st century. It, in my opinion is far superior to the original. The pop track that was remixed has a cool music video, I only have one problem with it being associated with the song. It’s shot entirely in a place with palm trees & empty pools for skateboarding in. That would be LA, not NYC. Guys, I’m all for name dropping the dope parties you’ve been to, but can we at least get a little accuracy in out shoots? The original video is below. Do you think I’m just ranting? Tell me off in the comments if so.

Mix Of The Weekend: The Massive Set Monoverse Dropped At Pacha.

Monoverse LIVE At Pacha, New York (11-08-14)I am delighted to bring you a fantastic local trance sensation Monoverse for this week’s mix. The driving after-hours trance set is definitely a standout after the night of epic sets that Pacha hosted last weekend. With tracks from arty, Bart Claessen, Ummet Ozcan, John O’Callaghan, Sander Van Doorn and Above & Beyond, this was a set that rewarded everyone who managed to hang around after Cosmic Gate blew the roof off of the mainstage. If you missed it, or you where somewhere else, here’s your chance to get back into it. Show Monoverse some love here & here as well, in thanks for the dope set. I’m a trancehead at heart, and when NYC locals are able to get that perfect sound, it’s a special treat.

Midnight Music: OneRepublic – I Lived (Arty Remix) [Progressive Anthem]

You’ve made it to the end of Monday, it’s all downhill from here. This triumphant remix of OneRepublic will put a swing in your step, or a swagger, whichever you prefer. The soaring vocal work gets some potent backing beats from the Russian sensation Arty. The 4:26 of progressive goodness could find its way into an Avicii or Swedish Fish Mafia set easily! The lack of big room feels are welcome in this post-Brolectro era, and I can’t wait to hear Arty & Mat Zo come back together to do some amazing touring work that will just pour buckets of Serotonin onto their fans. We’ve been waiting for years, and they’ve been steadily kicking more and more ass in their respective careers. Can’t wait for that reunion tour!

Will.i.am & Chris Brown steal the fuck out of Arty & Mat Zo’s track “Rebound”

[UPDATE: Rebound, by Arty & Matt Zo has returned to the Beatport Top 100 list, for the first time in 2 years.]

Just in case you didn’t have enough reasons to dislike Will.i.am, Chris Brown & VEVO some more, today they uploaded the 5th track from his fourth “studio” album #willpower. I’m going to use studio extremely loosely here, as the track is straight up lifted from two astonishingly talented producers, Arty & Mat Zo. Just because I would never wish to be accused of not showing my work, the two videos are below. Listen to Rebound, then listen to “Let’s Go” and if you think Will.i.am didn’t rip this the fuck off, I’ll buy you a coke.

Arty & Mat Zo are wonderful producers, with Arty making some amazing remixes and Mat Zo having just dropped a mind-blowing, genre-exploding Essential Mix on BBC’s Radio 1 back in Feb. 70 tracks in 2 hours, annotated with tracks from “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan. Those of you playing the home game remember I named it my Mix of the Week back on February 16th. Get at it, as I’ve re-listed it below.

They both mentioned that Will.i.am had asked to use the track but they declined/didn’t want to work with him. It seems, much like Chris Brown, Will.i.am just can’t take no for an answer. When pressed about it, Chris Brown pleaded stupidity on twitter and Will.i.am hasn’t said sh*t. Besides how annoyed I am that this has forced me to write William with two periods so often in this review, I think it’s quite a stunning commentary that this violation of copyright & artistic integrity should ensure both of these fools are run out of town on the rails after being tarred & feathered. But they won’t be, and people will still love the shit out of his new CD and Chris Brown will continue to get sex thrown at him.

Le Sigh. Anyway, try and get at Arty & Mat Zo’s work, I’ve listed their respective soundclouds below, so instead of wasting your time hating on either of the fools in the first 2 words of the title of this article (because I’m done typing William with dots), blow up their shit, buy some stuff or just listen and enjoy two hard working trance/EDM producers. I’ve also included the beatport link to the track, just in case it’s impressed you so much that you want to buy it and not the shoddy knock off by He Who I Am Sick of Naming & the guy who has a neck tattoo of the woman he beat up.