Midnight Music: Bondax ft. Ayah Marar – Dust Funk [Funky House]

This is a match made in UK heaven. Bondax got my girl Ayah Marar to lead this new, sophisticated, funkyย sexy house track they’ve got out on their new Mix Album. While Ayah usually gets into some ravier, drum & bassier sounds, she’s still a Triple A vocalist that makes the back end Bondax comes through with wurk. For real girl, this is one of those “walk confidently in potent heels” kind of tracks that you associate with good looking people working/drinking/living in high rise buildings that have fancy floor to ceiling windows. It doesn’t get too crazy and the vocals stay where they need to stay, while an almost whipping around you like wind downtown. Dust Funk is a cool song that I hope to hear at cool parties. (via Fresh New Tracks)