Japan May Repeal Ban On All-Night Parties

As I’ve mentioned before, Japan does not like you moving your body rhythmically. Apparently, that might be changing though, as a sub-committee has agreed those laws may need to be relaxed. Some people who have posted this story over the last week have pointed to the upcoming World Cup games in Tokyo, and the need to modernize and attract more tourists. As the world definitely likes to dance, especially on holiday, they may need to change. While this re-categorization of dance music nightspots could do wonders for the Japanese music/DJ scene, this is only a recommendation, which still needs to be presented and accepted by the government. Fingers crossed my Nippon-based brothers. (article via FACT, image via VICE)

EP Of The Week: Klient – Korosu [Tech Bass]

Trouble & Bass have continued their global campaign of bringing deep, dark, techy bass to wherever their filthy ilk will be allowed. This week, a tiny EP got pushed out by their heads, and FACT Mag managed to get my attention. I like how I need to be told to check out EPs by labels in Brooklyn by magazines based in the UK. Anyway, the trio of tracks by Klient are brooding, thumpy and fun. I can hear them at Resolute, Blkmrkt Membership and a handful of other spots in the city that are in the know. Check em out while you’re pre-gaming your Sunday brunch. Or if you’re already sweating Monday.