RIP Godfather of House, Frankie Knuckles.

If you don’t know by now, Frankie Knuckles has died. I’ll update this page as details come, but it was reported around 10:45 PM EST last night. I really can’t say anything other than, the Godfather of House is dead. The man who got the job to spin The Warehouse in Chicago, ground zero for house music, is no longer with us. Dead at 59, far, far too soon. I’m just going to post The Origins of House from Mixmag & his Boiler Room set, which occurred a few months ago.

The Origins Of House By Mixmag & The Bloody Beatroots

I love the Bloody Beatroots. Like, I really do, and he took some time make this with Mixmag. The story of House music in 8 minutes, featuring the people who made it happen. Gorgeously cut and edited, I’m super glad Mixmag is doing this. Can’t wait to see what they tackle next.