Midnight Music: Jack Ü ft. AlunaGeorge – To Ü (Lodent Remix) [Anthem Trap]

Jack U - To U (Lodent Remix)The massive Jack U album continues to spawn dope remixes! This time, we’ve got Lodent knocking it out of the park. A rising bass producer from Chicago kills it on this. The glittering anthem vibe meshes with merciless trap beats. A heavy but almost euphoric mix down allows the original track featuring AlunaGeorge a chance to soar, showcasing this Lodent fella. Quite good work actually, especially for someone new on the scene. I usually can’t stand heavy trap because of the total lack of melody & major chords. Lodent must’ve heard me complaining and proves you can make trap that’s both heavy on chords and doesn’t skimp on the bass. It’s a small gift, especially with the festival season coming, so I hope it works its way into a set or two I hear by the time the summer is out. 

The Origins Of House By Mixmag & The Bloody Beatroots

I love the Bloody Beatroots. Like, I really do, and he took some time make this with Mixmag. The story of House music in 8 minutes, featuring the people who made it happen. Gorgeously cut and edited, I’m super glad Mixmag is doing this. Can’t wait to see what they tackle next.

Hilariously Terrible Hard Copy Segment Involving A Dead Trent Reznor, A Retired Cop & The FBI in 1991.

The year is 1991 and Hard Copy’s boner for cops is on display. NIN was a year old and the cops just couldn’t understand why there was video of his dead body that landed in a corn field in Michigan. This is amazing & why the hell was that artistic dramatization paid for? (via Metafilter)

Midnight Music (Mix!): Footwork Jungle Presents Strange Future

To round out your weekend, I’ve got more than 45min of some glorious jungle’y footwork for you. Footwork is a Chigago-spawned genre that has in turn, spawned an entirely new dance craze in the Windy City. Add some delicious old-school jungle to the sound, and there’s a lot of UK + Chicago fast/slow action going on here. The mix is definitely good for both headphones and for jumping around, in case you’ve got a Sunday night Dance Party going down. I got this from one of my super awesome DJ friends, TygerLily, who if you haven’t, you need to check out. She’s wonderful and I have all of the good feelings for her and her amazing taste. Do it up here & see y’all in a few hours 😀