The Origins Of House By Mixmag & The Bloody Beatroots

I love the Bloody Beatroots. Like, I really do, and he took some time make this with Mixmag. The story of House music in 8 minutes, featuring the people who made it happen. Gorgeously cut and edited, I’m super glad Mixmag is doing this. Can’t wait to see what they tackle next.

Rename King Street NYC To Larry Levan Way!

Larry Levan is one of the most important DJs you’ve never heard of if you happen to be younger than me. I was barely aware of the parentage & respect that needed to be paid to this guy until I did some digging. When you’re producing & remixing the funk, soul and R&B that would eventually be sampled to produce essentially all of electronic dance music that’s not being created originally, you’re kind of a big deal. Big enough that a petition is being circulated to name a portion of the street where Paradise Garage after him. Paradise Garage was one of the few institutions in club culture that became hugely popular with both gay parties and the burgeoning non-LBGTQ friendly club scene in NYC. There’s a lot of legacy to this place, and since we name streets after people who have had far less impact on worldwide culture, show your support if you can. Sign the thing right here. (via FACTMag)